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8 ways to welcome your guests that they never forget you.

I am from a country where guests are equivalent to God. We feel very happy if any guest arrives at our place. No matter, we are busy or have some another plans scheduled, we always prefer to give some time to our guests first. We are discussing some important things which should not be missed to make your guest feel really important for you.

  1. Make them feel special.
    In our daily life we all are so busy in our routine work that we could not get time to meet our dear ones. Still if somebody has managed to meet you so it’s your responsibility to make them feel special.
  2. Greet them properly.
    Either you are busy in some preparation or completing some urgent task  you should greet your guests properly with a smiling face or a warm hug .
  3. Give them proper space.
    Vacate a small or big space according to your place and their requirement. Clean that properly and assure them it’s for their use only.
  4. No arguments please.
    Don’t discuss your personal matters in front of your guests. It’s worst experience when hosts start arguing with each other in front of guests.
  5. Give them quality time.
    Postpone a meeting or any urgent work if it’s not important enough but you should give proper time to your guests.Discuss their experiences, hobbies or anything else related to their interests.
  6. Advance preparation.
    Prepare everything before they arrive according to their interests, it will make them feel special.
  7. Dress up properly.
    Most of the time we ignore our attire as a host but it is very important to dress up properly in whatever we feel comfortable and confident enough to receive our guests.
  8. Return gifts.
    I don’t know why but it creates a huge difference means if you have got a return gift from any party you will never forget your host. It could be a small chocolate box or anything but make sure you give something to your guests when they return.

Hope using above tips you will enjoy your guests visit and make it a memorable moment.

Don’t forget to take selfie and please share your experience in comment box. 


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