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7 things to remember while shopping with kids


Kids are very curious in nature specially if they go outside. Shopping is daily life task which can not be missed. Here we have discussed few ideas which can make your shopping hassle free.

  1. Keep a note in their pockets.
    Most important thing put a note in their pockets in case they split up from you anywhere in the market. This note must contain your phone number and address. Teach your kids also what to do in such situations.
  2. Distraction works well.
    I have tried it several times it really works. Whenever my 2 year old son rush to everything which I try to put in my basket I used to give him any color packets which could not harm him. You can give them any soft ball or anything which could distract them and you can complete your shopping.
  3. Talk to them.
    I used to talk to my baby a lot when we go for a shopping doesn’t matter he understands or not but he is always happy that I am concentrating on him only. You can sing his favorite rhyme slowly or can count things you put in your basket.
  4. Timing matters.
    Be sure that it’s not their sleeping time. If so they will irritate you more. Restless babies always seek your attention so manage time in such a way that they took plenty of sleep before shopping.
  5. Feed your baby enough.
    Decide before leaving home that how much time you have to spent in the market and feed your baby accordingly. Hungry babies are most irritating than anything else. Be sure you have put something to give them if they are hungry while shopping it could be a juice, milk or biscuits which you can carry easily.
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  6. Teach them not to touch everything.
    Kids are too curious to touch everything. It’s up to you how you manage to teach them not to touch everything in the market.
  7. Have patience.
    Calm down if they run for something or ask to buy any useless thing for them. If you get panic and buy the thing for them in anger they will do the same thing in next visit. So it’s up to you what technique you use to distract your baby. Every baby is different so the parents.Hope above few points will help you to make your next shopping adventurous with your baby.

Keep smiling and please share your views and experiences too.


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