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9 Magical ways to stay positive in every situation

We can’t live a positive life with negative thoughts. But in daily life we deal with different people and situations which sometimes tends our mind towards negativity. Here we have discussed few points which will help you to stay positive whole day.

  1. Help others.
    Either you are at your workplace or at home try to help others when negative thoughts comes in your mind. Helping others will make you feel good.
  2. Music.
    Listen your favorite music for some time.It works as the best remedy either you are feeling bad or sick.
  3. Try your hobby
    If you are stuck at some point while dealing with any problem you should try your hobby. Trust me it really works. Either gardening ,cooking or knitting do whatever you love but forget about the problem for some time.
  4. Talk to old friends
    You can talk to your friends, sometimes they know you more than you know yourself. Remembering old days fun and hangouts fill your heart with joy and love towards life. Studies shows, it improves positive thoughts.
  5. Dress up or try new makeup
    I know it sounds ridiculous but works 🙂 . Dress up like you have to go for any party or try some old party wear  dresses you will feel good. Life is all about experiences take a new one with this idea. Dress up and see yourself in mirror how good enough your looks are and don’t forget to thanks God for such lovely looks.
  6. Walk to a children park
    Kids don’t think alot so they give us a different view about everything. Example if something hurts my 2 year old son he just graze at the thing for 2 seconds and start playing with the same thing in next minute. Try to walk in any children park you will see different things kids do to deal with tough situations.
  7. You are not alone.
     You are not the first person on the planet who is having such problems(Sorry if I am little rude). If someone has already faced such situations then there must be a solution exists in the world. Don’t increase your problems thinking that you are alone. Believe in God and stay positive.
  8. Time will flow.
    Time is best remedy either wound is small or big. Take a break and leave the solution on time . Example If you  are in any argument with any dear ones don’t try to finish it  shouting at each another , leave it with a silence and wait things will be changed next morning.
  9. You are here for some purpose.
    Try to figure out the purpose of your life. Thinking about purpose will encourage you to plan action to get your aim and you will feel positive.

After all if you still face problem try to consult to your doctor it could be some medical issue. Little medication will help a lot.


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