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Time management: Not a BIG deal 10 ways to be a Smart worker



We all have color full lovely watches of various prices. Still we always complain we don’t have time isn’t it amazing.

We have made our life in such a way that we always run in lack of time.

  1. Stop Blaming tm2
    Stop blaming others if you are running late. It will make you more late and tensed even though it will spoil your relationships too. It’s you who is responsible for your tasks even if your tasks are somehow dependent on others. Blaming other will not change them you have to change your planning and way of working.
  2. Planning Before Time
    Plan your daily activity and don’t ignore that unless it’s very important. Like if I have to write a post on any particular day and I find myself unable to do the same whole day due to any problem then I manage to do it late night so that It didn’t make my next day unmanaged. So plan your activities accordingly.
  3. Categorize tasks
    First of all while planning for a month, a day  or an hour divide your tasks in three basic categories like I do as below

    S No Important Urgent Urgent & Important TimeLine
    1 task A 10:00 PM
    2 task B 14:00:00 PM
    3 task C 12:00 PM
    4 task A 20:00:00 PM

    You can take this for your use if you find it useful. Here we can not ignore urgent and important tasks. This type of division will help you a lot.

  4. Learn to say No
    You should be very clear about the tasks you have to do. Don’t say yes for each and every tasks either you are home or in office . Say no politely if you find yourself unable to  complete the task on time due to any problem. it does not mean you have to stop taking challenges but you should be comfortable too.
  5. Set Timeline
    Your timeline must be set and clear for each and every tasks you do. It will make you noticeable and will improve your confidence as well if completed your task before time.
  6. Multitasking
    Try  to learn multitasking as we expect from our computers. For example I learn lots of multitasking when I became a mother so all credit goes to my lovely Son. After his birth I learn how to deal with your baby while replying to the mails . They both are completely different tasks and need concentration but now I know how to manage both at a time. I am not suggesting you to practice the same but you can try your type of tasks to be done 2 at a time.
  7. Get up early
    Getting up early make your morning really GOOD. You feel relaxed and can do your morning time tasks easily without any hassle. Even you can manage to go to a gym if you have planned your work perfectly. Little laziness in morning will make you late for whole day for everything.
  8. Stay connected
    Stay connected to your friends and family. It’s encouraging ,actually they are never disturbing if you clearly mention them your free time, in fact they will always help you to achieve your aim.
  9. Don’t waste waiting and travelling time
    Utilize the golden time if you have to wait for something. You can reply for mails or can prepare notes for a meeting if you are waiting or travelling somewhere. If these two things are not possible then you can take a power nap or charge your mind by listening music or counting from 100 to 1 🙂 .
  10. Use technology
    Our phones are smart so why not we .Utilize technology and use different apps which can help you to remind things and manage tasks. Use them smartly and you will really achieve what you want to be in life.
    These points are just examples. Time management varies for every person depending upon the type of work they do. Life gives us challenges and we have to prove ourself. So don’t let things just go always get up and do something.
    Don’t forget share your views. 🙂


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