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9 Reasons why you should start your career with a small firm



Generally, we decide small or big firm, according to the number of people work  there . So count says firms with less than 50 employees are counted in small firms. Selecting your first job after college is a big challenge.

Sometimes you get stuck at the point where you have to decide what to do

“Big Pond small fish or Small pond big fish”

Here we have discussed some points which will help you to decide where to go into starting off your career.

  1. Challenge.
    Working in a small firm gives you more challenges.  As the number of people are less so nobody will always be there to guide you so most of the time you need to learn things and solve your problems yourself. It allows you to learn lots of things.
  2. Responsibility 
    While working with small team there will be several places when you have to do tasks which are not related to your job profile, so you need to be always prepared for such responsibilities. For example, when I joined my first job (it was a small firm) I used to do tasks of a DBA too which was not in my job profile.
  3. More visibility and recognition.
    It’s easy to be recognized if you are working in a small team. Whatever you do will be seen by everyone, even it will be visible to the higher management also. For example, if are working late night at the office for early completion of any project your efforts will be visible to each member of the team which is sometimes missing in big firms. Even the worst case is that somebody else takes credit for your work.
  4. Opportunity to learn beyond your limits.
    You will get multiple opportunities to learn different kind of things in small teams. You have to do multiple tasks and you are master in all of them so in such situations you search content and read it do the tasks accordingly. Sometimes management also provides you resources and give you time to learn new things so that they can utilize your skill in their projects.
  5. Lots of risk, but similar rewards.
    If you are not a good performer there could be chances when you have to leave the firm in a very short notice. But with good performers scene is little different they rewarded each time to enhance their performances.
  6. Work independently.
    You can take a small module of big projects and handle it according to your own way. Getting a complete module is easy in a small team in fact everyone will appreciate it if you have completed it on time and as per requirement.
  7. Direct impact on company’s revenue.
    Whatever you do in small firms impact on the revenue of the firm directly. For example, if you have automated any task related to printing and editing which was earlier done by 2-3 employees it will directly impact revenue of the firm.
  8. More job satisfaction.
    Most important things in the world if you are doing a job. So many people can’t say that they are satisfied with their job. It’s easy to say when you are working with a small team. Less dependency on others makes you complete your task on time, which gives you more satisfaction.
    Less dependency->task completed on time->more rewarding->Job satisfaction
  9. Less competition.
    Structure of teams in small firms so designed that chance is less likely that you get a person similar to you with experience, age and profile. So chances are less that if  a company is tending towards loss you will be knocked out in a short notice.

The above points are only experience of a few people. Every company has its own working environment and revenue, depending on that they make their plans and agenda.

Wherever you are, work smartly and be on time. Don’t forget to share your ideas.

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