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6 key points to decide your career

decidecareerBefore thinking anything about your career keep in mind that “When it comes to success there are no shortcuts”. The ultimate guide to live a happy life is always do something. Everyone has different priorities in life. One common thing for every person is that everybody wants happiness in their work. So how to decide a career that gives you happiness always, because you have noticed in many phases that interests changes time to time. Don’t get confused, and ignore people, just think about below points and start a new journey…

  1. Make a note about you

    You are the person who know each and everything about you. Nobody else can judge your potential your negative and positive points better than you. So make a note about your skills, strengths, weaknesses, and interests.

  2. What excites you
    I am not talking about your favorite food or movie ๐Ÿ™‚ . List down all those things which energizes you . Then match them with your passion and strengths. May be you love multiple things and can’t decide a single one. But you will get a minimized list than you have made in the first point. 
  3. Market Research
    Study some market trends about the career you are deciding. How much growth is there? Does the studies you are doing will be beneficial after few years? Answer all these question yourself after gathering information about your selected career.
  4. Money
    Money is something we all work for. It gives us motivation to perform better. So think about it also. Will your selected career will give you enough money for fulfilling your needs (not desires because they are endless)?
  5. Hobby can’t be a permanent career always
    Everybody loves to do different thing in their free time but it’s not necessary that it could be a full-time career. So analyze yourself and differentiate between your hobby and  a skill, which will ultimately provide you a job. You can take help from your college scorecards or any teacher.
  6. Ask a mentor
    You can ask to any mentor whom you believe. Discuss your key points, you have made about you and your interests. 
    At last decide yourself and don’t hesitate from doing hard work. As I stated in the starting that do hard work in whatever profession you are and nobody can stop you from getting success.Comment below if you still have any questions. We would love to reply. Have a great life ahead! All the best.




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