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Shopping Online: 7 Important things to remember


We all are very busy in this techy world. That were old days when our mom and dad plan to go to the local market for shopping and they carry bags and lists of the items. The most annoying thing was checking the rates of the same thing in different shops then negotiate with shopkeeper. Nowadays scenario is changed we have an option of buying things online. I am a frequent online buyer. There are few pros of buying online like

  • You can see the multiple product in very less time
  • You don’t have to manage time to go to the market
  • No tension of carrying purchased things either it’s small or big enough
  • You can pay after receiving product or in EMI
  • Some websites give trial option also at the time of delivery
  • Easy return policy
    After all this you need to be smart while shopping online. Here I am discussing some major factors which should not be missed while shopping online.
    1. Select the site.You need to be very careful while selecting the shopping site. Don’t miss the copyright information it must be before the current year. Compare the product price and description on each site .  Sometimes the image of the product will be same on every site but the description would be different for example I was going through different site to buy a dress for me the image was same showing same color on every site but cloth type was different on all of them same with the price. So you must be careful while reading description.
    2. Delivery time.
    Everyone promise latest delivery but never depend on them. If you need a product on urgent basis then buy it online iff max delivery date is before 2 days of your requirement. It’s my experience that if you need it on urgent basis it will be delayed for sure due to transportation or anything else.
    3. Hidden charges.
    It’s very often that the product cost shown is less than other sites to increase number of customers but when you will compare delivery charges it will be very high. So be careful with the hidden charges. Sometimes they cost very high for product packing or gift wrapping. Buy that product if and only if you have gone through all these details and you are comfortable with charges.
    4. Return and Refund.
    Must check the refund and return policy of that product. If you are buying something and not sure about the size or color, that you could return that product then please read these policies carefully. Every site provide these information with each and every product.
    5. Have patience.
    I suggest to my all dear ones that if you are going for shopping to the market or buying something online, drink a glass of water take a deep breath then move forward. May be you find it funny but it’s true,if you have ever noticed that when you are hungry while shopping you buy useless thing or half of things from your list. So please have patience and relax.
    6. Address and Phone number.

    Like a good customer mention you correct and detailed address and correct contact number. Be sure that you will be available on given address and phone number at the time of delivery. In case you are not available then provide any neighbours contact number as many sites like Amazon provide such options.
    7. Payment.
    It’s all up to you how you pay for the product. Nowadays every site is very much concern about making purchase more and more secure. You need to be careful with url to which you are redirected after selecting payment options like url should starts with  https not http. Well I think cash on delivery is also a safe option in below cases.
    —-> If only you have to receive product.
    —-> If they are not increasing rate after selecting cash on delivery option.
    —-> If you have enough cash 😁.

At last shopping is always a fun . Enjoy it and take risks you will really get new experiences.Try with different colors and designs. But be careful and be a smart customer.

Don’t forget to share your views or any experiences you have gone through online shopping.


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