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“A friend in need is a friend indeed”-11 ways to help a grieving friend

grieving“A friend in need is a friend indeed” . Most required person is your best friend if you are in grief. It’s tough to make yourself ready to live without your loved ones. There are several situations where the most important person in our life leaves us.  The important thing is that we feel alone. It tends us to severe grief. As an eldest daughter in my family I have seen many sad situations so I know how to deal with it and how to help others. Helping grieving friend depends on what happened to her. It could be someone’s death or a break up or anything else. Here I am discussing general things which could be applied to every case.

  1. How important they are.
    Believe me it works like a miracle. My mother used to apply this technique on me whenever I feel worthless or negative in my life. She always came to me and hug me with love and said “how could me and your dad live without you. You are our doll and we can’t imagine life without you, cheer up baby “. These simple words means a lot for me and just next second I was ready to prepare for another challenge.
  2. Offer a good meal.
    It can be a good idea to offer your grieving friend a tasty meal which she likes. If we face any tough situation in life the first thing we forget about is meal which makes us weaker day by day. Being a friend it’s your responsibility to give your loved ones a good food. Good food will help to boost her mood and will allow her to forget about the grief for some time. Don’t forget to ask about dietary restrictions before offering meals.
  3. Listen .
    Be a good listener the most important thing you have to do is listen, listen just listen. Sharing grief minimizes it. Have patience and share her feelings.
  4. Stay connected.
    Ask your loved ones about their wellness. It’s not a one day work make a routine to make a call or stop at your loved ones place to talk about her feelings and to tell her story.
  5. Help with your profession.
    Everyone is expertise in some work like I am a software engineer. Similarly many of you would be a doctor, lawyer or banker. Help your dear ones in the area you are expertise in. You can help with paperwork related to life insurance or death certificates etc. If someone assist with the paperwork that he is familiar with the process can remove a great deal of stress from the bereaved.
  6. Help as a messenger.
    This depends on person and situation. If your loved ones is agree you can spread the news of death(in case of death) and other funeral related messages. Telling people about passing of loved ones make them more tired.
  7. Offer some fund.
    In hard times the most important thing we need is money . Don’t wait your dear ones to ask for money. Maybe they are not prepared for it. Offer them some fund according to your budget and their need.
  8. Help in everyday tasks.
    You can help them in shopping or household works. You can take care of their kids or old aged people in family. You can take their pet for a walk if pet is comfortable .
  9. Plan some activity.
    You can plan yoga, exercise, running or anything with bereaved in which your dear ones is comfortable. It will encourage them to get out of the house.
  10. Plan an adventurous trip.
    Help them to reconnect with life and friends. It could be a movie a visit to zoo or any spiritual session. What do they love to do in their free time? Discuss with them and plan accordingly.
  11. Share motivational text or video.
     If they love reading give them some motivational books or share video or audio of the same. Be positive and keep them sending such literature with love, have faith that they will recover from such situation.

After all it depends on you how you go through all these things. Helping a grieving friend will always make your relationships more close and lifelong. A single smile can change the day. So all the best for you next effort.

As I always say please share your feedback.



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