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8 Things to become your boss’s favorite always



No matter on what role or position you are working but your management always keep an eye on each and every employee. Your promotion very much depends on your performance and your overall performance is calculated on certain key factors. My experience says that every boss notices below few points because it’s her job. So it’s up to you how you make yourself to be noticed in your boss’s eyes.

  1. Resources and Technology
    If your boss allotted any work to you she will always care what technique you have used. She would love if you have used any latest technology in a cost-effective manner.
  2. Arrival time
    Every company has some shift timing rules and you get detailed description about it in your appointment letter. Still every boss notices how early you arrive. It matters a lot and makes a BIG difference if you arrive before her always ๐Ÿ™‚ .
  3. Departure Time
    Despite of allotted working hour every boss wants you to leave office with other coworkers or even after them. So she will always check your departure time for making your progress graph.
  4. Dress
    Your role and type of work you do dictates your dress. Every boss keep an eye on how you present yourself in the office. You can take help from your colleagues for this. Be sure that you should dress relatively similar.
  5. What you say
    Sometimes we don’t mind words we say in the office, but our boss always. It’s her job. Even you have cracked a joke on any coworker and everybody enjoyed it but your boss might not like it. So be careful about your WORDS.
  6. Compatibility
    A boss always compare you with other employees you notice it or not. She will always analyze you are well fitted in her team or not. Every boss in this world wants her team members to be helpful for each other. So be cooperative and work in a team always.
  7. Time management
    How you manage time for tasks you have given. How you make your priority list and how many tasks you are completing on time? Time management: Not a BIG deal 10 ways to be a Smart worker you are in office to work so prioritize your task and work efficiently.
  8. Break Out Time
    Last but most important point how much time you spent in break out area. Either you have a task pending or not your boss will always notice how much time you are out from your work station in working hours.



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