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6 Small things that could let you run late always


Running late

We all have 24 hours a day, but have you ever thought how genius people manage it to do lots of things in the same 24 hours which we don’t. I am writing this post after lots of analysis specially done for me with my day-to-day tasks. I found that nobody wants to be late anywhere but sometimes things go wrong and certainly they delayed by a few minutes. Here I am only writing about those few things which are actually responsible for delay in minutes.

  1. Social Network
    We all are very active in different groups on social network nowadays. We share our thoughts, wishes our friends that is really very good. But while doing all this we sometimes forget about the time. Just replying one more message or checking one more post can make you delayed by minutes for an important meeting. Restrict yourself while using gadgets, fix how much time you will spent on social networking sites or apps according to your schedule.
  2. Chat
    If you are a punctual person and want to achieve an aim in life, then this is a very important point. While talking to somebody, we lost in the topic so much that we don’t care that we are running late or we are killing other person’s important time too. Either it is on the phone or one to one conversation, manage your day that you could talk to your loved ones while walking or at any suitable time when you both are free to talk.
  3. Create a Mess
    If you are a person who love to create a mess, then it’s really tough for you to be on time everywhere. If you place things at their restricted place, trust me it will be very easy for you to search them and reach anywhere anytime on time. It’s my personal experience, things in my room are so well placed that I can search them blindfolded. I have learnt this from my dad. It makes my mornings, lovely because I decide my dress and set my bags 1 night before for my office.
  4. If you love snooze option
    No Big No for that snooze option if you want to be on time. Only 1 second more nap will let you sleep for more minutes or maybe hours. When your fingers want to press snooze then stop and Imagine the circumstances of getting late. I am sure you would develop a habit of leaving bed on time.
  5. Unplanned Activity
    Sometime its demand that we have to go for an unplanned activity, but most of the time they are encouraged by us only. If you analyze yourself for a week you can check how many unplanned activities were created by you. Actually the time which you have wasted just because of not planning well can also be calculated. Schedule your day before 1 day and see the difference yourself.
  6. Lack of communication
    Communicate well to your staff, friends or anyone. For example, if you have planned a meeting for the next day, send clear notification about time and place to all of the responsible people. This was a small example, but you can apply it to your daily tasks and save more time for other activities.Try to plan your day and restrict your activities that are draining your power and then see the difference. You can get a few ideas from here as well. Time management: Not a BIG deal 10 ways to be a Smart workerI have covered most important things in my knowledge let me know if I missed anything you know 🙂





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