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You will always win the race :4 Important wheels for a long running relationship ☺

relationSomeone has well said “Don’t judge the complete book by its cover”. Similarly, in a relationship don’t be judgmental. Try to understand another person’s view and make them understand your feelings too. Nobody is perfect in this world so try to appreciate your partner for the small things they do, believe me it’s really simple and will enhance your love. Don’t compare, because it’s not a competitive exam where we need maximum grades, its life, everybody is different, so how can we measure them with same question paper. Here we are discussing about four major factors which must not be neglected in life for a healthy relationship.

  1. Sharing
    For any relationship, sharing is very important. Share your feeling to your partner every now and then. Hiding feeling or not telling them could create major problem in the future. Thinking​ about circumstances all the time could create confusion between both of you. So think about your relationship and tell your feelings
  2. Trust
    This is a very important factor. It should be for both of you. While trusting on anybody be sure that you have valid reasons for trusting on your partner. The blind trust fails too early in a long run. Don’t trust anybody if you are not logically satisfied with the reason. Always make your vision broader either it is about a person or a relationship. Give your partner proper freedom to live their life. Relax, nobody can create differences between you if you are strongly bonded.
  3. Respect
    One of the most important form of respect is listening what the other person is saying. In any relationship, it is very important to know another person’s view. Either you agree or not, but you must know about the other person’s thoughts clearly. Respecting each other does not mean fear. If we respect someone from the bottom of our heart it means we don’t want to hurt them, so if you really respect other person show your love and care for them.
  4. Care
    Caring does not mean to be over possessive. Let them think about themselves also. It will make your relationship more intense. Everyone needs a “me time” in a day, try to manage your work in such a way that you and your partner both get this time. Care for the things which actually matters for your relationship. Don’t misunderstood caring with love. Being overprotective in a relationship always creates a problem nowadays.

Friends, remember the happiest moment of your life when you feel sad.
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  1. Relationship must be spontaneous & simply taking because emotions & words r the responsible key to develop a strong bridge of understanding…… Ur thought is appreciable but it demands from both.


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