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6 best ways to spend a long summer day except watching TV and surfing social networking sites ☺

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summer3When we talk about summer the first thing clicks in our mind is hot sunny days. When we were kids and used to go to school summer vacations were most wonderful gift from our schools. But as we grow up holidays are occasional. In the long summer days we get some extra time from our daily routine work. Even student spends their time more in watching television or social media, which is not good for their health. Today we are here with some interesting things you can try in your free time.
1.Try any Hobby




Give some time to your childhood hobbies. Try reading, painting, gardening, stitching or anything else you love. If you are good enough in any of creative work, it’s a perk for you. There are many online stores available where you can sell your products. So long days are not boring days now because you are getting a chance to earn extra bucks. I learned to paint after my high school exams and that really helps now, when I get bored I try my hands in the painting and it makes my mood well.
2.Improve communication skill

Every year your boss adds an improvement point in your appraisal sheet “communication skills”. So what are you waiting for try new apps or join any nearby classes. Improve your communication skills and don’t let anyone look down upon you due to your pronunciation or wrong grammar.
3.Part time job
If you are a student or a homemaker and have enough free time, you can search for a part time job that suits you well, for a few hours. There are plenty of such jobs available online.
4.Home Tuitions

Don’t read this paragraph if you have not studied your school books seriously. Believe me this job is only for those who are really good in any subject. People who don’t want to go anywhere and want to earn by just sitting at home, this is perfect for them. I believe in teaching free if it’s only for time pass. So don’t wait to start giving home tuitions in your free time.
5.Online courses

Who doesn’t want more and more skilled employees in their firm. So don’t miss any opportunity due to lack of skills. There are many online courses available in the market, which gives a certificate too. Just search for some genuine sites and register for the course for free or with very less fee.

6.Join NGO
It could be a little tough for all those people who don’t like to roam outside in a sunny day. But try once, you will really feel peaceful. Join any nearby NGO and try to help someone who really need it. It’s not a tough process, even volunteers are always welcomed in any NGO. Spent time in orphanage or old age home they love to meet outside people.

Hope these points will work well for spending your day. This will help to make your day more interesting. Click on follow button for recent updates.


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6 Comments on 6 best ways to spend a long summer day except watching TV and surfing social networking sites ☺

  1. Anonymous // May 5, 2017 at 3:42 pm // Reply

    nice, specially trying a hobby


  2. Nidhi Dubey // May 6, 2017 at 2:59 am // Reply

    Great….every aspect is amazing…. One must try to keep himself b cool n calm in this wild sunny days….


  3. Super tips..I m trying


  4. It’s really interesting we must try it


  5. Nice tips..its really intersting we must try it


  6. Anonymous // May 27, 2017 at 6:52 am // Reply

    nice website and best things for people…


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