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Think twice if you are “ADMIN” on a group: 8 Rules for a social networking group admin

adminYou are reading this it proves either you in any of ” nadan parindey, buddies, classmates, friends forever, family or bindass” group . May be you are an admin, forwarder, inactive or all time active members of these groups. We follow certain rules everywhere we go so why not on social networking sites. So we have discussed some important rule which every person should follow in a group:

  1. Responsibility 
    While freedom of expression in social media is important, it also comes with a responsibility. There are many groups on social media in the name of news, but most of the time we don’t cross check about the contents’ authenticity being shared, and we keep forwarding such messages. So if you are admin its your duty to cross check how genuine the news is. Otherwise, according to the law if anything goes wrong with the content admin will be asked first no matter who has sent the message.
  2. Participation
    Being an admin you must be active every now and then. Your presence is a must in every discussion. Don’t completely ignore the group or active all the time. Send occasional messages if you are very busy. Don’t forget to wish birthdays or congratulations for group member’s achievement.
  3. Patience
    Even you are fed up of admin jokes, still have patience and just enjoy. You are the life of the group. Since you have created the group you are the most important person. Never forget this and enjoy such jokes and keep the group alive.
  4. Conflict resolver
    The group is something where every member shares their thoughts. It could be possible that conflicts arise between members view. It’s your liability to resolve such conflicts and make people cool and calm.
  5. Adding new members
    You add new members sometimes they ask you to do the same, or mostly they don’t even know they have been added. But you are an admin you can add people without their will :). Don’t overuse your rights if somebody keeps on leaving group don’t add them forcibly. You take care that you don’t exit group every now and then.
  6. Avoid one to one chat
    A group is a collection of many individuals who share their ideas and feelings. Treat your buddies equally must interact with all your group members. If you need to talk to any single person you can switch to private chat.
  7. Freedom
    Allow your group members to change group icons or name. If you don’t like that you can suggest them your view. Give them freedom to enjoy the way you all collectively present to the world.
  8. Escape topic with religious and cultural sentiments
    Big NO! Your friends could be from various religion states or even countries. Welcome them with a very warm heart. Avoid stabbing them with a religious post, comment or the picture. Try to make everybody comfortable in a group. If someone has started such message thread request them to stop invoking such messages in a group.

Most important don’t forget to check all the media shared in the group. Hope these points work well in your group admin tenure. Contribute your thoughts it encourages me to write more good content for you.


  1. Very thoughtful, given the fact that no admin puts in such thought these days and they make many members as admin instead.


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