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Laziness your biggest enemy: 5 Habits to stop being so lazy… 

laziness.jpgIt’s not only you, even every person in this world face laziness. I think nobody in this world exists who would honestly say that he/she has never been lazy. Everyone is having a dream and nobody wants failure in life. You are reading this article means you are more interested in your success than anything else. Have you ever noticed what is common in all successful people? They try not to be lazy when they set a target. Actually, we notice only those things which we can change in ourselves very easily. So what’s tough to change? Just scroll down you will come to know a very interesting facts

Major Cause of Laziness
One of the main causes of laziness is excess consumption of carbohydrates in our daily diet. If you are used to eating more carbohydrates on a daily basis, you would lead to a permanent unwillingness for your body to move. It is also necessary to eat healthy, nutritious food to avoid the laziness.

Positive thing about laziness
The only positive effect of laziness is that you can relax by doing nothing.  It’s a great feeling when you really do nothing and just relax, but we cannot make it a constant daily routine.

Here we will discuss few habits which will help you to beat laziness ……..

  1. Face the fear
    Fear is something which always stops us from doing new things in our life. Put your palm and tell your brain “JUST DO IT”. Its simple technique, but creates miracles. Ask your brain to stop making excuses and start doing it now.
  2. Start with a small step
    Don’t set a tough target in the beginning when you are breaking any habit. For example, if you are trying to get up early in the morning don’t set a target of 2 hour workout for the next morning. Make it simpler and easier like first try to get up early for a few days when you achieve it than make a workout target which must start with 30 minutes. After a few days you can increase the time. Similarly, you can do with studies or any habit you want to improve.
  3. Shut the escape routes
    Ask yourself “Where do I escape to instead of doing my work”? For some people, it’s games or social networking sites or anything else. So I put my phone in silent mode and I put it at the other end of our home when I work. Changing the place of the phone helps me a lot to avoid the trap in 90% cases. You can try if you
    —->  Trapped in gaming then put your device far from you when you have to complete an urgent work.
    —–> Surf websites, then block them for a while.
    —–> Watch TV a lot, then remove cords completely and stay away from it.
  4. Motivate yourself
    Stay with motivated and enthusiastic people either through books, internet or any medium and feel their energy in yourself. Keep a track of things you have changed in yourself and what you have gained through these changes. So think about what you let into your mind on a daily and weekly basis and if you want to make a few changes to that.
  5. Don’t break the chain
    This is the worldwide technique which is used in many institutions. See for example you have set certain goals for a day and you have achieved most of it at the end of the day . Do one thing mark a tick in the calendar in front of same date. After continuing this for a few days you will notice that it’s making you feel better where days are ticked and it will motivate you to complete your target.Friends if you still find it difficult to stop being lazy then try to utilize your lazy time. Like you can pay bills from your phone while relaxing on the couch but don’t make it a habit.
    Appreciate yourself when you win in the fighting with laziness. Hope these points will help you to step forward in your life and overcome laziness.

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