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9 most neglected ways which can actually help you to save money 

savemoney---Copy1There are two different things which can make you rich one is saving more and the other is take care of what you have. And you have many options for trimming expenses without feeling like you’re depriving yourself, which isn’t the point anyway. It’s about spending your money in ways that reflect your priorities in life. Everyone sets their own priorities in life, but one thing which is neglected is where to minimize cost. We will discuss few points which will be very helpful for your money saving plan. Be sure that you and your family are interested in savings.

  1. Transportation

    Our one of the biggest expense is transportation, so keeping costs low here is where you’ll likely get your next-biggest buck for your efforts. You can cut your transportation costs by using any of the below ways, which best suited you.

    List out all those people who live nearby your accommodation and travel to the same route you go. Meet them and discuss the benefits of travel in sharing.  If you are lucky enough,  everyone will be ready as who don’t want to save some bucks.

    You can take a walk for all those tasks which are nearby your habitat.
    Bike or Bicycle
    Use a bike or bicycle instead of four wheelers. You can compare your expense after using the bikes instead of four wheelers, and I am sure you will be happy to see the difference.
    Public transport
    If easily accessible, you can opt public transportation. It’s the cheapest way to travel daily.
  2. Use apps minimize calls

    There are lots of apps available in store for free calls and video calls, all you need is a network connection. We all know every cellular company is providing easy and cheap data plans. Use texting apps to minimize mobile minutes.
  3. Rethink Needed vs. Wants
    It’s human nature, we attract towards things which we don’t really need. So every time when you plan a shopping reset your wardrobe and think about the need. Make a list of all those things which you actually need in your house. Then go ahead, avoid kids while shopping but, if they cannot be left behind, then remember these 7 things.
  4. Buy in bulk

    For items you use in large quantity, drop your cost per unit by buying in bulk. But be sure about the type of product you are buying.  If you aren’t sure you can finish the bulk quantity before the food goes bad, then skip it, as not only your food but also your money will be wasted.  Don’t miss amazing deals here.
  5. Potluck

    Instead of planning a lunch or dinner at your place you can opt potluck. It’s really awesome trendy. List out friends and discuss menu with them. You can opt a garden or any picnic point for such gathering. It’s lovely to eat food from different cuisines and it will be more tastier because everyone is responsible for only 1 dish.
  6. Exercise and Personal care 

    Ditch the pricy gym membership. Run, walk, play tennis with a friend, go swimming, take free yoga classes online or use fitness DVDs to replace that membership you never use. Staying in shape has the added financial benefit of keeping your body healthy so you don’t incur as many medical expenses. Try your own personal care at home. Using several online videos you can DIY your own wax, cutting, manicure, pedicure etc. 
  7. Shopping in a rush

    You have to go a function, you got the invitation 15 days ago, but not decided what to wear till the last morning. Now you will lose money because of your lack of planning. If you shop on last day, chances are more likely that you will spend more money for a product you are less interested. But you have to buy that because of an urgency. Similarly, when you shop online wait for 48 hours before clicking the buy now button.
  8. Travel with your own stuff

    I know you are little confused with this line as everyone travel with their own stuff. Here I want to tell few things which we neglect while traveling and they costs us a lot-
    WaterBuy a water bottle, instead of buying a bottle of water. Cary your own water.
    Eatables– Carry something to eat according to your journey duration.
  9. Take advantage of what you have

    I have learned this from my dad. His 15 year old bike looks like purchased 2 years ago.  Clean your household items so that don’t get old too early. Service all your machine equipment time to time for their best performance. Use reusable products and clean or paint it according to your will. It will be cheaper. Recycling old clothes according to new trends is also a great way to save some bucks. It looks cool and stylish too. You can buy some really cheap and stylish dresses here.

Hope these points will help you to save some extra bucks from your monthly budget. Please give us your reviews in the comment box.


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