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Is Technology is killing relationships: 5 Symptoms that you must not Ignore


This strikes in my mind when I saw one of my friends wishing his mom mother’s day by just sending messages on a social networking site rather than calling her. When I called her for asking her well being she told me that she was waiting for his son’s call whole day. I can’t tell you in words how I felt that time. It made me feel worse and angry too for that friend. How lovely those days were, when people used to talk, walk at the same time with each other.
Still, we do these things, but most of the time two people walking together used to chat to other different person or caught doing different things on their smartphones. No doubt after the introduction of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other such social networking sites we are very well connected with each other. Our planet was never well connected like this before. We will discuss few symptoms today, which you can use to check the status of your relationship which physically exist.

  1. Isolation
    I have used the term physically exist here, which I mean to all those relationships with whom we live and includes all those people who expect something from us and we also expect something from them. It is alarming if you find yourself searching for an isolated place always to surf internet. I won’t discuss solution here as you can find it very easily according to your lifestyle.
  2. ExpressionIt is very easy to type LOL, but we actually miss those moments which rejuvenate our souls while laughing with our dear ones. Even I have seen many people taking medicines to make them feel happy.
    Most of the time we only smile seeing one another, we forgot to laugh. The neighbors are talking on WhatsApp rather than asking about each others well being physically.
  3. Less connection to the natureWe used to like post related to nature, but how many of really spent time with nature? I think very less of us. It is one of the main reasons that the market is full of medicines for depression and their business is running very well. You can get some ideas to make your relationship better and You will always win the race :4 Important wheels for a long running relationship ☺.
  4. InteractionPeople used to check their emails first in the morning instead of saying good morning to their family members. These small things actually affect our relationship a lot. Sometimes they wish good morning to the person next to them on social sites.. I think that hug(jaddu ki jhappi) is lost somewhere, which actually increase positivity in both the person.
  5. EmotionsUnfortunately typed messages creates more severe and long term wound than the in person communication sentences. Try to interact directly if it is related to your emotions, because technology fails when it’s time to deal with feelings. Share your thought directly.

    Technology is really helpful and we love to socialize. But take care of your loving ones they will never get back to you if you don’t give them respect and importance. Ignore a message from social site and listen to your mom, dad or any of your dear ones first. This is really a small habit, but will empower your relationship. So leave your social network for some time in a day and live with your physical relations.You will always win the race :4 Important wheels for a long running relationship ☺.


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