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9 easy ways to keep your home cool🏖 without AC in Summer 🌄

giphy.gifThe long hot days of summers in India are really not unforgiving at all. It’s really tough to survive the hot and humid months without air conditioners. Air conditioners are neither environmentally friendly, nor budget friendly. It is not a very healthy option too, especially if you have babies at home, because of the dry and recycled air pushed in by air conditioners. You can do following few changes to make your house cool.

  1. Light Management
    sunlightYou can manage the amount of sunlight come inside the house for better cooling –

    a) Close south and west-facing curtains during the day that gets direct sunlight. Keep windows closed as much as possible.

    b) Hang woven screens or bamboo shades outside the window to stop the sun’s heat. You  can purchase blackout shades or window tint film for your windows.

    c) Put up an umbrella outside your windows to block the afternoon sun.

  2. Use light colors
    light colorsa
    ) Use light colors for selection of bedspreads.
    b) Cover your sofa with white sheets as thick fabrics make you sweaty.

    c) Opt light colored curtains to reflect heat.

  3. Away from electronic applianaces
    a) Do not iron your clothes when mercury is heating up in a day.
    b) Everything you plug into a socket produces heat, so unplug all such devices. Only switching off them is not essential.
  4. Don’t open fridge every now and then 
    I know its tough but avoid opening fridge as much as possible. It may cool you off for a while, but actually the motor in the refrigerator needs to work harder to maintain a constant temperature and so it generates more heat.
  5. Avoid microwaves during day

    Pre plan your meal in such a way that you need not to use microwaves when the sun is really hot. If you still need to use the oven, try to use before 11am or around 4 pm that is after the heat of the day.

  6. Minimize Area
    doorsClose all those rooms which are not in use and use your efforts only where you spend time. Larger space takes more time to get cooled and it’s tough to manage all at a time.
  7. Cool and color roofs
    a) It is a very ancient idea, but more affordable. Paint your roof with a light colored paint appropriate to your roofing material. Adding a cool roof can save up to 15% of your cooling bills.
    b) One of the neighbors has managed his water tank in such a way that when water overflows from the tank, it spread all around the roof and helps to cool roof. They change tank filling timings according to summer and winters.
  8. Plants all time besties
    plant treesPlant herbs and plants outside your window to look it more greener from inside. You can also paint your window green if you can’t manage to plant.
  9. Zip Lock bags
    It a simple life hack, you can put your bedsheet in a zip lock bag and put it inside the refrigerator for some time. Spread the same bedsheet just before you go to sleep. It will be remain cool for some time that you will get a sound sleep.

Share your feedbacks and don’t forget to send us any other way to make your house cool.


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