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What makes a difference if you live in a metro city vs non metro city?

cityAll thanks to my dad’s transferable jobs which allowed me to live in multiple cities. So I am experienced enough to write something about this topic without consulting to any other journal. There are different pros and cons of living in metro vs tier 2 cities.  We will go through all these points one by one.
But before that I want to tell you that this is totally based on my experiences, don’t compare it with any particular city or person. 

Most of the population in the metro cities is from small towns. So what makes the difference between a small one and a big one. 

Advantages of Non Metro City

Less pollution

polutionDue to lack of industrial area small cities never face the problem of pollution, so always the best place to live from a health perspective.

Less Population

opulation is always less in comparison to a metro city so it won’t face a problem arising out of a huge population.

Less Cost of Living basicneedsBasic needs are always cheaper in non metro cities. You can find some luxurious items costlier, but that is something you can live without. If you have enough money you can purchase it outside your city.

More Social Interaction

socialinteractionIn small cities, people are more interacted with one another due to the less diverse nature and community.
More Peaceful

mall cities are always more peaceful than metro city. Population is one of the main reasons. And it’s easy to maintain law and order with small populations.

Advantages of Metro City

More options for education

etro cities are full of wonderful educational institutions, which provide higher education with a variety of courses and languages. Lots of professional courses are there for a better career growth.
Good Health Services

ue to more population metro cities are well managed for the health services. Best hospitals and health care professional are available 24*7.
Better air connectivity

etro cities are always well connected to the whole country , so you can plan your journey anytime anywhere.
Best disaster management

disasterImmediate attention is given to metro city in case of any disaster .
Better Career growth

iversity of people to move which opens your mental horizons and opportunity to learn many languages. This tends to better job options in various MNCs located mostly in metro cities.
So its all up to you where you love to reside. Every place has its own pros and cons, it all depend on your experiences.



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