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True story of an Angel 👼with twisted wings part-1

angel-wings-love-white-52718She was the angel of her family. Big and beautiful eyes with full of light. She was the life of any party and was very famous among her friends. Her smile was not so good, but she spread happiness wherever she goes. With perfect timings and good sense of humor, she makes anybody laugh anywhere.

I tell her not to be like that people can misunderstand her, but she never cared. Sometimes she used to behave like a 60 year old social worker and the next minutes she starts cracking jokes with kids. I remember once we were going with her Scooty. I was in the back seat suddenly she stopped on the side and get down to help a rickshaw to cross the road, loaded with heavy boxes, the person who was trying to pull it was approx 70 years and was trying to cross the road. According to me how foolish it was but when she came back with an Oscar winning smile. I said why she did that anybody would have have helped him why you, as we are getting late. Her answer was more annoying than anything else on that day for me. She said what if he would be your grandfather. Why would my grandfather pull a rickshaw? Shutting my mouth was a better idea than hearing her lecture so I opted being silent.

This was a single story. Every day we spent inside together was like an episode, which she used to tell her mom after reaching home. They used to laugh loudly while sharing these college and school storiesHer mom was her best friend, sometimes I feel jealous of it.

We have spent many years together and I am like a mirror of her. I know every side of my lovely best friend  “Rajni”, it was her name. When she tells her name to anyone 99% people used to tell her “your name don’t suit your personality well” as it means night. She always replies with a smiling face that “This night is a full moon night with lots of stars”.

Will tell you more interesting things about Rajni in our next part.

Please comment your thoughts if you really want to know what happened to her that twisted her life.



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