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7 Smart solutions for making your phone battery work longer

Hi¬†friends, it’s¬†horrible if I am alone at home or I have to travel and phone battery is low, we all face the same problem day to day, who¬†is having¬†mobile phones. Battery always low.¬†
In fact, nowadays guest arrives with the very common question, where is the damn charger? So guys we are here with some basic things which you can do to make your battery help you little longer. 

  1. Why so bright always?
    Yes, you¬†can manage your phone’s¬†brightness¬†setting according to the need and surrounding.¬†In fact, you¬†can use¬†auto-brightness for uncertain light conditions. Since the screen uses the most battery, more brightness = more use of the battery
  2. Schedule Power ON/OFF.
    wp-1498026629080.With this setting you can intelligently manage your phone to turn off after you sleep & turn on before you wake up; Keeping everything ready for you & saving power in the process.
  3. Why sharing location all the time.
    Until unless you are not a raw¬†agent, I¬†don’t think we need to send our location to google location services. Why keep¬†track¬†every now and then? So¬†Turn Off ‘Google Location History’ Reporting ¬†this will save more battery than you imagined.
  4. Permission to Apps.
    Prohibit application to auto start in the background. This should be on for the apps which actually required background connection to deliver messages for you like Whats app, Hike, Messenger etc.
  5. Turn different vibrations off.
    Like turn keyboard vibration off. I¬†don’t¬†think most of us enjoy¬†the vibrations¬†while typing something.¬†In fact, if¬†you are a heavy chatter/texture¬†you are unknowingly using too much power¬†from¬†this, better turn this vibration off.
  6. Keep the GPS, Wi-Fi & Mobile Data off.
    If you really don’t need,¬†but¬†these options off. Stop auto¬†updating¬†of apps by default, Google Play store setting uses¬†an auto update method¬†over Wi-Fi, which might be annoying at times as it will hog the bandwidth & battery, better take control & set it to manual update only when you want.
  7. Turn Animations and GIF screen savers off .
    Turn these options  on only if you strictly need this type of visual effects in your phone 24*7. This will shed to save extra work from GPU and saving more power in the process.

    Follow these simple do’s and monitor your battery usage. Comment your feedback that works best for enhancements in our blogs.


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