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Plan a baby if you are ready for these major changes in your lifestyle

In countries like India there is a peer pressure after marriage to plan a baby. Your in-laws, relatives, friends and even neighbors never miss a chance to ask you the question about your baby planning. Do you feel it is a big problem to handle them?

Actually NO! Major problems start in life after that, when you exactly feel the happiest moment of your life. You feel normal and treat life as before until unless your FIRST visit to your gynecologist and she tells you the great news of the arrival of a BABY.

I have felt it and it sounds really amazing.

I suggest thinking below few points if you are planning a baby rather than living a painful life with a baby.

  • Responsibility
    pexels-photoAsk yourself many times a day. Are you ready to take responsibility of the baby 24*7. In fact, not only mother, father is also involved in the development and growth of baby nowadays due to nuclear families, so take a combined decision.
  • No or Limited Parties
    partiesBeing a working couple living in a metro city I know how important it is to plan a get together during weekends to reduce stress. So decide yourself, are you both ready to leave such night outs and parties. Because with a baby you can’t imagine to join your friends every weekend. Baby’s sleep became the most important thing in this world after baby’s birth.
  • New Surprises
    surprise2After having a baby, I have learned to tackle new surprises any time. Babies’ lives according to their own will. May be they don’t like your sitting arrangements or bed covered with pillows. They take quick action rather than thinking about the consequences, so they might throw that pillow anywhere, be ready always for such surprises.
  • Beauty Sleep
    beutisleepAfter having a baby definition of beauty sleep changed to baby sleep. I don’t remember, when I last took 7-9 hour sound sleep continuously after my baby’s birth. Every baby needs mother’s care, at least for starting few months. You can hire someone to help you all the time but cannot stay away from the little one for long.
  • Baby’s call is always on Priority
    babycallSometimes you need to overlook your favorite tv show, or miss a meeting or anything because after having a baby “Baby’s call is always on Priority”.
  • Reduced shower time
    showerYou shower time will be reduced. It’s like a wish of many mothers that after a baby they take a complete shower of more than 5 minutes without any disturbance.
  • Don’t mind accompanied all the time.
    accompanyIf you live in a nuclear family, then you have to carry baby everywhere you go, yes, you thought right “in the washrooms too”. You can’t leave them alone at any stage if they are not sleeping.
  • Silence…….
    babysleepYou actually know the meaning of silence after having a baby. Your phone will be on silent mode most of the time. Everything which could create noise will be placed far from the baby as she is sleeping 🙂 .

These were only few basic changes you might face. Every baby is different, so every mother’s experience is also different. Reason of mentioning these points was just to make you aware you about how life could be after having a baby.

So be ready to make changes in your lifestyle and welcome the most precious thing in this world. Babies are actually a gift of GOD.


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