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9 common problems of every Indian lady

Either she is a working lady or a homemaker, she is always thinking something. Doesn’t matter, she is  inside lift or washroom or inside the bed, no rest for her brain.
According to a study conducted by Nielsen in the year 2011, it was found that Indian women were stressed most of the time.
This study was conducted among 6500 women from 21 countries. 87% Indian women felt stressful all the time; out of which 82% women felt stressful due to lack of relaxation.
I never understood my mom’s views when I was a girl. Now I am a mother and understand her situation completely. Not only her, but problem with every lady is more or less same .
After marriage her status change from girl to LADY means she is having more responsibilities means more stress now. The first companion of a girl after marriage is her husband. Indian men have different definitions of wife from all over the world. For them, working wife means one who takes care of him, working all the time, even she is inside the house or outside house. Even though they are performer of the year in their office still they generally avoid using their skills in household works.
So the problem with every Indian lady remains the same , which are as below-

  • Always unhappy with husbands
     1. They never take an interest in cooking.
    2. Big NO for taking care of kids alone, so that you can get a me time.

     3. Don’t know how to clean his own useful stuff.
     4. Best one never put things in their right place, means always create a mess.
     5. In facts kids also do the same after watching dad’s such activities.
     6. They don’t have time to talk to their wives.
    Then the next victim is his mother(husband’s mother) because she has never taught him how perform household works.
    Guys if you want a successful wife help her inside house also.
  • Where to dry clothes
    Either it’s a weekend or any outing is planned or a family function, ladies always keep searching for the right place to dry clothes. This problem increases in monsoon. They give their 100% to make a strategy about when where how to deal with dirty cloths. One of my aunt( Mother’s sister)used to listen weather forecast for planning of when to put the washing machine on. Really SO MUCH STRESS.
  • Maid , all time in hit list
    Every time ladies meet, they ask about maids before asking about family’s well being. No one is happy with their maids. Still maids are the most talked topics among ladies. Means maids are still getting more importance among ladies than the GST.
  • What to cook this time?
    So from now this problem will be treated as National problem. It’s a joke, but every lady dealt it like it’s a national problem. My personal experience I used to start thinking about dinner menu from the evening tea in the office. Lots of ladies agreed that  they also do the same. Again, SO MUCH STRESS.
  • Babies call whenever I sit to eat something
    baby callThis survey is done by me among 12 ladies and 10 of them agreed that yes their babies also do potty when she starts taking dinner or lunch. This is something which can not be changed so change diapers before eating something and stay cool 🙂 .
  • In-laws
    Indian in-laws are designed in such a way that they love their daughter in law only if she follows certain laws. Many of us have got lovely family, everybody is helping in nature. The main problem arises when everybody is expecting from you at last. If they have not done you should have done that work. They can help you with breakfast, but none will never take the complete responsibility of it if you are present in the house.
  • Nothing to wear
    Ladies are always confused about this topic even after attending functions. They have certain criteria on which a dress must be passed to get selected for the occasion.
    1. No one else have seen this before
    2. It must not be repeated for the same host again.
    3. Matching jewelry, nail-paint and accessories must be available at that time.
    4. Most important “I must not look fat in this dress”.
    Ladies you stop noticing dresses of each other and this stress will be reduced 🙂
    Isn’t it so much STRESS.Means in every situation a lady has to take responsibility.
    Boys don’t you think it’s your turn now to let her enjoy the relationship she is having with you. Either she is your mother, sister or a wife gives her some me time. Share responsibilities and allow her to enjoy that moment. But take care don’t spoil her mood when she comes back after spending her me time. For example you offered her to make breakfast and created a mess that will take more time than making a breakfast. You cannot enjoy your life without her so give importance to her and make her stress free.


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