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Top 9 ways to be the welcomed guest always

smilies-bank-sit-rest-160731The best thing you can give someone nowadays is “your time“. Suppose you went to, your lovely friend’s place and they don’t like it. I know you will blame them that they are not good enough to welcome you, but then once are you good enough to be welcomed. Today we are here with few do’s and don’t you must follow whenever you are a guest somewhere.

  1. Be on timequalitytime Always be on time when you are invited somewhere. If you are getting late because of traffic or any other reason inform your host as soon as possible. Everyone respects such guests who understand hosts problem very well. One of my uncles served in Indian railways for a long time, so every time before his visit, we joke between us that train could get delayed, but not uncle, it really shows your love and willingness to me as the host.
  2. Be calmargumentsShow your positive side to your host always. Don’t go inside the venue shouting host’s name or laughing loudly or doing anything annoying.
  3. Enter with a smile
    baby call
    Someone has well said​ that the best thing you can wear is a smile on your face.  Nobody hates smiling faces.
  4. Don’t create a mess plant treesPut the things in their correct place if, you know, otherwise you can ask the host politely about where to put things. Don’t allow your kids to create a mess.
  5. Set your limits
    Always remember that you are a guest. Don’t spoil the privacy of the host.
  6. Plan your visit timings
    It is always very helpful for guests and hosts both to discuss your visit timings before reaching at the venue. 
  7. Offer help
    breakfastIt’s OK that You are a guest and guests are not supposed to work, but being a good guests you must offer your help to your host in serving you. Never hesitate in asking them “if they need your help”.
  8. Big NO for tantrum.
    bellyfat2.png “I don’t want cold water. I always prefer hot coffee. I need a hot water tub for a bath. I can’t sleep without air condition.” Stop it dear. Try to manage peacefully and then feel the love you will get back.
  9. Goodies for them
    Don’t forget to take some gifts for your host. It could be a box of chocolates or anything you feel comfortable to carry.I know you follow most of them but still if you find anything which you want to share and not mentioned here please type in comment box.


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