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15 Proven ways to make your loved ones feel more cared

According to a survey, globally an estimated 300 million people are affected by depression. More women are affected than men. A person facing depression first loses their self esteem or in other words, they start thinking themselves worthless. In this condition our friends, relatives and dear ones play the most important role.

If you are in a relationship your responsibility became double. You need to be happy and make your partner happy too. We are here with 15 proven ways-

  1. Spontaneous hug(Jaadu ki jhappi in Hindi)
    Bollywood movie “Munna Bhai MBBS” left a great message to the world. Life could be made much simpler just by sharing the pain and feelings. A hug can relieve you for some time from the sorrow you are facing in the life. Caution-Don’t try it this in your college with strangers ๐Ÿ˜Š.
  2. A call for asking their well being
    You can make it anytime a day, just call and ask their well being. They could be surprised, shocked or may be angry, but don’t afraid of the reactions just call and show your feelings.
  3. Try hands in kitchen
    Cook something she/he likes. May be you are not a good cook, but you can try to add some love whatever you are cooking, it will enhance the taste.
  4. Don’t hesitate to compliment them
    complement.jpgI have enhanced my cooking skills after marriage. I can know many recipes now, all thanks to my husband that he always appreciates whatever I try to cook. He always appreciates things related to me either my looks or interiors of the house done by me.
  5. Make a cup of tea or coffee without being asked
    Trust me tea or coffee is something which enhance our mood in few seconds and it is always welcomed if given by our loved ones like a surprise.
  6. Gift something without no reason and without being asked
    Everyone loves surprises and gifts because it is not planned. Who will not love a thing for which he/she had not spent a single penny.
    Show your care for your best friend this Friendship day.
  7. Record something they like to watch
    Everyone have different choices when it comes to watching TV. You know your partner well, maybe sometimes she left her comedy show because of your cricket match. So record her show to make her watch later.
  8. Thanks
    thanks.jpgSuch a simple word but impact a lot.
    Say thanks for things she/he do for you. If still you have something, just thanks him/her for being with you.
  9. Go outside for a surprise dinner or movie date
    It doesn’t costs a lot if once in a month. But this impact a lot in your relationship specially if it is a surprise.
  10. Enhance their mood
    No, I am not saying to take a spa appointment. Just send a funny video or joke when you really want them to laugh.
  11. Send chocolate or flowers
    I know you gave them in your last anniversary day, but why not without any reasons. They are adding love to your life, so send some flowers or anything they like without any occasion
  12. Listen them
    Either topic is interesting or not show interest in what they are saying. Enjoy sitting and talking with each.
  13. Help in cleaning
    It works a lot especially if your partner is a lady. They love cleaning everything. So next time help her without being asked and see the magic.
  14. Don’t forget important dates
    I am not talking about the meetings and traveling dates. Always remember important dates related to your life. You can take help from any of the phone app to remember these dates. This is very easy and can save you from many troubles.
  15. Give them their “ME” time
    feelspecialEveryone loves their freedom, so give them some time which they can use for themselve
    s only.This time is very important in everyone’s life. Me time helps you to discover yourself. So help your partner to spent some time with themselves.
    Gift ideas for this friendship day

Try these few things and enhance your relationships. Either it is your mom, dad, friends or any family member at least make your loved ones feel more cared and free them from being depressed in life.



  1. Very nice post. All the points are very nice. Super like from me. Keep posting such intresting things. All the best.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


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