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7 smart ways to judge who is your best friend among all your friends

We all have dozens of friends. We categorize them as school friends, college friends, office friends and so on. But actually when we are in need we need some close friends. Friends whom we can trust and share our problems and feelings.
Best friends became like family members after a few years. We are here with some parameters which will help you to identify who is your best friend among all your friends.

  1. Comfort
    You feel comfortable at their place. You need not to ask for everything. You can rush to the kitchen and take anything to eat. You can go to the washroom without asking the location to your friends. You can stay there as much time as you want.
  2. Help
    You ask your friend whenever you want any help. Time and type of help do not matter in such friendships. You can call each other anytime. You need not an appointment to talk to your best friend.
  3. Response time
    Your best friend responds to your call most quickly. Even if he/she is busy she will drop you a message, but will never let you face the problems alone.
  4. Care
    Your best friend always take care of your feelings. They will never make a joke of your ambitions, dreams and aim in life.
  5. Secrets
    Things which you told to your best friend remain unknown by the whole world. They always keep your secret as a secret from the world.
  6. Distance
    chic-escape-men-pc_05-_v511431503_.jpgPhysical distance does not affect your friendship. I am lucky enough that I have a best friend, whom I call after days, months or years, but he never complains and this does not affect our friendship.
  7. Strength
    strengthA best friend gives you strength to survive in life. They help you to overcome from your failures and win the world. They give support to our decisions and help to make our dreams come true.
    Gift your friend this stainless steel band this friendship day.
    You all have such friends. Be loyal to your friends and share the gut feeling with them. Call them and stay connected. Visit here for more ideas to strengthen your friendship
    Wish you all a
    “Happy Friendship Day”.


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