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Happy Raksha Bandhan: 6 Surprising facts about brother sister relationship

This is for all my lovely siblings.
brother sister
You are rich enough if you have a loving sibling. They could be annoying sometimes, but you love them anyway. Your sibling is very much responsible for your growth in life as they share your DNA. Not only this our siblings can have an intense and long lasting effect on our lives, influencing everything from our health to how we interact with others.
rakhi.jpgBrother sister relationship is one of the best things in this world. Few facts which helps you to make your bonding more stronger –

  1. There is nothing like a Brother/Sister’s support
    They spent more time with each other. They know us more deeply than our friends. So they always act like a backbone for us in our hard times. Elder brother and sister act more likely a guardian for younger siblings.
  2. Missing each other
    Boys generally miss their sisters at a time when they have to do any household activity or need to approach any girl or if they are sad or need to tell something to dad. Girls miss their brothers most on Raksha Bandhan( an India festival for brother and sister) and if any boy approaches her whom she don’t like.
  3. Privacy
    In India siblings share same room at a certain age. So, always one sibling is asked if parents find any changes in behavior of another one. One of my colleague told me an interesting story about her childhood related to privacy. She always loves her elder sister’s clothes and find her own less attractive to the college. So whenever her sister not at home she used to dress up in her sister’s clothes and leave for the day. In the evening she always tries to arrive before her elder sister and put her clothes in the laundry bag. Nothing could be hidden among siblings.
  4. No arguments specially in front of others
    fighting.jpgSiblings don’t want to argue in front of others. They even don’t want that the elder one fight with them in any public place or in front of their parents. They always try if matter could be resolved with a chocolate or doing homework. In India most of the time all such arguments and fights end up after the interference of parents or if its the time of any favorite TV show.
  5. Secret sharingarguments.jpgI remember most of the time when my brother gets less marks in exams and hide his mark sheets. My parents used to ask me first as they know he always share all his secrets with me. In fact, school teachers always call me when they need to send any urgent complain to the parents.
  6. Siblings makes you smart
    smart.jpgYes, it’s a fact that if you are living in a joint family and your parents can’t give you all the attention then your elder sibling will always help you in all your activities. So if you are smart it could be because of your elder sibling. Time to thank them now. 🙂
    We all enjoy the company of our siblings, don’t we. Then call them frequently and ask their well being.
    Comment in the comment box what you feel about them.
    Wish you all a very Happy Raksha Bandhan.

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  1. 🍁🌿🍃🌸🌺🌻🍀🌼
    कथ्य है कि अशोक वाटिका मे रावण के निकट आने पर माता सीता ने उसके और अपने बीच एक तिनका रख दिया था और रावण को चेतावनी दी थी कि तू यदि इतना ही सामर्थ्यशाली हैं तो इस तिनके को पार करके दिखा। क्या आप जानते हैं कि उस तिनके भर पर सीता माता का इतना विश्वास क्यों था? (तिनके को भूमिज कहा जाता हैं जो भूमि की कोख से पैदा हुआ हो )और माता सीता का अवतरण भी भूमि से हीे हुआ था जिसके कारण उन्हें भूमिजा भी कहा जाता हैं। माता सीता ने उस तिनके में अपने सहोदर भूमि से उपजा अपना भाई देखा था और वो जानती थी कि किसी भी भाई की उपस्थिति में किसी भी दुराचारी रावण का इतना सामर्थ्य नही कि उसकी बहन को छू भी सके।
    ईश्वर सभी बहनों को भाई के रूप में ऐसा भरोसा दे। *इस रक्षा पर्व के पवित्र बंधन की शुभकामनाए।*


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