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Happy Friendship Day: 7 Best ways to celebrate friendship day🍕🍟🌮🍫

I think every day is a celebration which we spent with our friends. I am lucky one having lots of friends in my life.
Actually, it’s not the celebration that matters, it is our lovely friends that matter to us. Friendship is the most beautiful perspective of life, we need friends to celebrate life.
Best ways to celebrate friendship day, according to me are-

  1. I would appreciate if you meet people and discover friendship.
  2. If you know the pain of being without friends. You can start by sharing the same pain that others feel.
  3. Try to spend a day with orphanage home kids, fulfilling their basic needs and motivating them to study so that they can improve their living standard.
  4. You can also visit some old age home and be the friend of those lovely and experienced people . You will find them the wisest friend you could have in your life.
  5. Celebrate your friendship day with books. Yes, they share all their thoughts with you without hiding anything and give you suggestions when you want them desperately.
  6. Spend time with your parents……your siblings……your pets(if any).!! I believe they too are our friends.
  7. You can watch a few of your favorite movies along with your siblings/parents.

Wish you all a very very happy friendship day!!



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