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4 Most Adverse effects of climate change in our life

Our lovely planet earth is heating up from North to South Pole. The effect of rising temperature is very much visible in all over the world. According to NASA the global average surface temperature rose 0.6 to 0.9 degrees Celsius (1.1 to 1.6° F) between 1906 and 2005, and the rate of temperature increase has nearly doubled in the last 50 years.
How this will impact our life? It’s the major question nowadays.
Today I watched a video on the internet in which a tree started burning on its own due to very high temperature. Can you believe such high temperature which could burn a tree which is standing alone in the road side. Natural fires in the forests are generally started by lightning, with a very small percentage started by spontaneous combustion of dry fuel such as sawdust and leaves.
The major impacts on your lifestyle which could be driven by climate change are as below-

  1. Water
    waterThe melting of polar ice-caps and less water evaporating into the atmosphere are causing increased sea levels. Quaint coastal towns and cities near the U.S. east coast and Gulf of Mexico are just a few areas where devastating flood damage is starting to make its mark in history.
    More than 60% of India’s agriculture is rain-fed, making the country highly dependent on groundwater.Even without climate change, 15% of India’s groundwater resources are over exploited. Although it is difficult to predict future ground water levels, falling water tables  can be expected to reduce further on account of increasing demand for water from a growing population, more affluent life styles, as well as from the services sector and industry.
  2. Food
    cropsIf seasons are changing, weather patterns are going berserk, and flooding is occurring due to rising sea levels, our crops are barely getting a fighting chance. Once the food processing industry goes haywire, the economy will really start getting interesting. The price of staple crops could sky-rocket causing major inflation and more economic woes.
    Rice: While overall rice yields have increased, rising temperatures with lower rainfall at the end of the growing season have caused a significant loss in India’s rice production. Without climate change, average rice yields could have been almost 6% higher (75 million tons in absolute terms).
    Wheat: Recent studies shows that wheat yields peaked in India and Bangladesh around 2001 and have not increased since despite increasing fertilizer applications. Observations show that extremely high temperatures in northern India – above 34°C – have had a substantial negative effect on wheat yields, and rising temperatures can only aggravate the situation.
  3. Droughts and Rainfall
    drought.jpegEvidence indicates that parts of South Asia have become drier since the 1970s with an increase in the number of droughts.
    Droughts have major consequences. In 1987 and 2002-2003, droughts affected more than half of India’s crop area and led to a huge fall in crop production.
    floodA decline in monsoon rainfall since the 1950s has already been observed. The frequency of heavy rainfall events has also increased.
  4. Health
    healthClimate change is expected to have major health impacts in India, increasing malnutrition and related health disorders such as child stunting – with the poor likely to be affected most severely. Child stunting is projected to increase by 35% by 2050 compared to a scenario without climate change.
    Malaria and other vector-borne diseases, along with and diarrhea like infections which are a major cause of child mortality, are likely to spread into areas where colder temperatures had previously limited transmission. Heat waves are likely to result in a very substantial rise in mortality and death, and injuries from extreme weather events are likely to increase.

These were only some facts  and figures collected from different sources.
But it’s time to think about our planet seriously. Read about it and take strong steps to save our kids from adverse effect of climate change in future.
Give your kids this gift The most precious gift on earth and costs nothing!Its True 🙂


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