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7 Proven facts that shows work from home does not work

workfrom2Deepak used to work from home more often. After a few days of marriage, it was like a dream come true to him. The days were awesome, he used to complete office work from home while enjoying lunch and evening tea with his lovely wife. But, after a few days one day his wife asked him to go to the office. The problem gets worse after his first baby. Now he asked his boss for no work from the days.
While working I personally wished many days if I could work from home. I strongly favored those policies which allow work from home at least for ladies. Post pregnancy, I got few months work from home.
After working in both ways, I realized that WORK FROM ACTUALLY DOES NOT WORK
There are a few reasons behind this as below-

  1. Productivity
    Productivity is something which every employer seeks for. No one will compromise with the productivity of their employees. Most managers believe in their own experiences with their team rather than analyzing progress reports. It is the most required thing during work and unfortunately it hampers first while working from home.
    lapstand.jpgIf you have a family you must make them clear about your unavailability during working hours. Your place of work at home must be so isolated that you can concentrate on your office work completely which could not be possible most of the time.
  2. Social Life
    If you work from home continuously your social life could hamper. Less interaction with colleagues makes your life more isolated. kurta.jpgYou always miss different activities held in office for team interactions.
  3. Learning and Development
    Most companies arrange different skill building training programs for employees. If you are continuously doing work from home, then more often you skip such training. Sometimes due to travelling efforts or you don’t want to exit from your comfort zone.
  4. Customer service
    In jobs where customer satisfaction matters a lot, you need to be present in office for better customer handling. It creates a big difference with respect to reliability, if you are talking face to face with someone you can give them more clear understanding of the product live. At the same time client can also share about their experiences.
  5. Proper use of resources
    Due to unavailability of all resources at home it is sometimes difficult to complete tasks on time. For example, for tasks where hard copies need to be sent printer is compulsory. Offices are equipped with such devices required according to their area of work. So it’s become more easier to work from office rather than at home.
  6. Dependency
    While working from home, you become more dependent on office staff for simple tasks which could be done easily if you work from the office. Like every time when I need to discuss something to my other team members I used to call them or send a mail for conversation which waste lots of time if they are missing my call or mail.
  7. Challenge
    Its became a task to plan a video call or a meeting if you are at home. You need to explain every member of the family about the timing they need to away from you and not make any disturbance at home. If guests are there, then it became more challenging. You need to handle more distractions at home.These were some work from home experiences I dealt with. There are a lot of good things also with working from home, especially if you are ill or if your travel time in office increase your working hours or you have some urgent work at home.




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