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Don’t miss if you are active on social networking sites and Apps

With the excess use of cell phones we all have developed a tendency of capturing everything. We record every activity of our growing kids. Take selfies and post them on social networking sites. We take pictures of what we cook, eat, places we roam and many more things.

All the time we search for something new to share on our social networking sites. In this race we sometimes forget the most important thing which makes us different from animals that is”Humanity“.

I will mention here few facts which will prove my above sentence.
Below image is just an example. You can visit you tube for many such viral videos.
Seen a video of a baby beaten up for studies . It’s going viral nowadays on every social networking site. People commented cute, lovely, annoying, etc. As far as my view, I didn’t find anything cute in this video. I strongly believe that kids should not be punished for studies in any case, especially if they are not grown up enough to understand the importance of education. Develop their interest in studies. Let them enjoy whatever they do. I don’t think the recording was required while teaching such a small kid. Many videos of play schools are going viral and it seems done knowingly to share it on social networking site for more and more views.
Actress Neha Dhupia met with a car accident few days ago. With God grace she was fine, but her car was damaged, so for some time she waited for the other vehicle on the roadside. People around her was so indulged in taking selfies with her that nobody cared about her situation or offered any help to her.

Every day we watch videos related to sudden deaths due to several reasons. Sometimes caused by nature or accident or fight or anything else. But I always think after watching such video why the person recording the event didn’t offer any help. What is more important saving a dying person or recording such event so that everyone else could watch how he took his last breath.

Nowadays CCTV cameras are installed everywhere to record live events. Be a human being and try to help others. It’s easy to record, but imagine yourself on the other side of the camera. Ask yourself if the video contains any of your dear ones in the same situation you want it to be viral.

If total hands capturing video or pic will come forward for help I think it will make a huge difference. I am not against sharing videos or pictures.
Motivate others share knowledge, but don’t capture anything, just for publicity.

Note- Picture used here are only for showing example and not related to content in any way. Source: You tube and


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