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5 Smart ways to check if your child is trapped in “Blue Whale”

Yes you read it correct! Either you live in a coastal area or in any dessert but your child could be harmed by “blue whale“.
Actually it’s a game which is responsible for ending life of more than 100 teenagers. According to a the laws of this game you can enter this game but can’t leave it in the mid. You have to complete several challenges they give you. Otherwise they players are threatened in different ways or they are supposed to lost the game which is not acceptable by the players in any way.
Most of the time people start playing this game are more or less depressed. At the end of the game they come to such a stage that they find themselves unable to fight against the game admins and do whatever they ask them to do.
If you go through the news you will find many such teenagers killed themselves just while completing such challenges.
Here are few ways which will help you to analyze is your child is trapped in any such games.

  1. If she/he is always looking for isolation. Kids generally don’t share starting challenges with their parents. As a parent or guardian it’s your responsibility to take care of their behavior.
  2. Started behaving arrogant. If they will find themselves unable to complete challenges given by game admins. They will show their anger towards you or any other thing in the house.
  3. They have started using internet more frequent than before. This could hamper their studies also.
  4. Their interest towards studies is decreasing or they have less interaction towards their friends.
  5. Check their body parts, does not matter what is their age. They are always your kids and nothing is bigger than their lives. Most of the challenges in this game are challenges for harming their body parts.
    Talk to them without any reason. Try to spend more time with them. You can visit a psychologist if required. But don’t let your child alone for completing such shitty challenges which could take their life at the end.
    Don’t scold them if they are already depressed and never leave them alone at home in any situation if you find they are trapped in this game.


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