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8 Most Annoying things only Indians Do

indiaAnoWe are 1.324 billion in population, which is 17.86% of the world’s population. Despite of different languages and 9 recognized religions, we live together and make a nation called India.
We all speak different languages, celebrate different festivals, but as an Indian sometimes we behave same in some situations. This behavior is called Indian Mentality collectively. Some things are really fabulous about our way of thinking, for example, our parents don’t leave us after 18 until we are willing to leave them. but some things are still there which must be changed for more success and peace in life.

  1. Fear
    We are always afraid of our police. If we see traffic police we want hide our self, no matter, we have everything like papers, license is with us. We think if a cop is behind us, we need to give them money in any situation. We need to change this mentality. May be police need our help in solving any other mystery. For us police means problems.
  2. SALE or FREE
    We can see these two words in extra small fonts. We never miss any free item. We can drive twice to the shop if missed any freebies with the product we bought. Sometimes we shop only because of the free items.
  3. Men’s are always right
    Due to a male dominated country we think in any issue men will always be correct. Like
    1) If girl raped or molested most of the people say it would be her fault. She would be dressed wrong or they would have her boyfriends.
    2)If divorce happened, it would be the wife’s fault always. She would have compromised with the family and husband.
    3) If wife beaten by drunk husband, why she argued with him, let him sleep with her as he is the husband.
    Means in any fight or argument always women needs to compromise. Why ?
  4. We change our views according to the suffering human being
    If a dog is beaten roadside or killed by people, then not a big issue, but if same done with cow, there could be chances of curfew. I don’t understand why, if both are animals take care of both. In fact, I have seen people beating street dogs and hiding their pets in the car if they both did the same mistake.
    If an auto hit the Audi then auto driver would be beaten, as it’s his fault. Similarly, if Audi hits the auto again auto driver will be beaten, as Audi drivers could not be wrong.
  5. Too much judgmental
    judge.jpgWe don’t need any explanation or details. We just know everything about the person just by their appearance. What they wear, eat or drink is enough to predict about them. Some of my neighbors are so judgmental that they predict the new tenant on the second floor must be in a government job. I asked how do you know this much about them? She replied “I have seen their furniture when they were shifting here. It is so old fashioned must be their marriage gift by in laws.” Can you imagine such thinking capacity.
  6. Help
    We offer help if and only if it suits with our shift timings. If any accident happened in road side we know anyone else will help and we reach office on time. We can help our neighbors if any celebrity arrived at their place, but we can’t hear the sound when someone got a stroke. We know how to escape safely from the crime scene.
  7. Grouping
    We know very well how to make groups. We can make groups in the name of religion, languages, caste, physique, profession, locality we live and many more things. We are very talkative by nature specially north Indians. We can make friends in a one night train journey in fact fix marriages too.
  8. Salary and Kids
    This matters to us a lot. We don’t hesitate to ask about someone’s salary and kids in our first meeting. It helps to make the discussion less long. Salary helps to predict his/her living standard and kids let us know about their married life.
    Grow up guys and gals. It is all my view where I think Indian society needs a change. Request you all to don’t take it personally. I am making changes in me and my family and very much succeeded in this. Hope you all will understand what needs to be changed and help India to grow.
    Expect less and do more.

    Growth of our nation will help us to grow in any way.


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