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8 Smart ways to ensure safety of your kids at school

kidsSafetyWe all have heard about the cases where kids are murdered or sexually abused by any relatives, drivers or neighbors. Being a parent, it’s totally our responsibility to present our baby a better world to live. We cannot change the society. But we can teach our kids few basic things which will help them to deal with such kind of surroundings. News related to sexual assault of kids is really heart breaking. I don’t understand how could somebody get this much courage to do such deeds with kids.
How cute and lovely they are. People with such mental illness must not be allowed to live in the society. They should be left behind the bars always.

Here are a few points which you can use for making your kid’s school time more secured.

  1. Who are the strangers?
    After the age of 2 kids better identify their family members. If you live in a joint family make your kid identify every family member whom you believe. Make sure your baby is comfortable with the other member of the family. In case she is not feeling good with them don’t leave your kid with them unless they identify them completely and enjoy their company. 
    Most important part, if they go to school, teach them not to talk to any stranger if they are alone. Don’t take any eatable from them either inside school or outside.
  2. Identify the problem
    Kids can understand the meaning of touch if you teach them properly. It is the responsibility of motherhood to train kids so that they can trigger that touch. Explain them no one should touch them in covered parts of their body in any case. If anyone do that they need to shout. If they are in school tell this to the principal or teacher. Train them to clap loudly or buy them a whistle. Ensure that they know when to use these techniques. Whistle could be carried anywhere in garden, or wherever they go. Ask them to blow it when they find anything uncomfortable with them.
  3. You are always around
    Anshu used to beat Tappu every now and then in the classroom. One day Tappu hit back little hard on Anshu’s back. The teacher sent note to Tappu’s mom. She visited school next day. Everyone was in the principal’s room, class teacher both kids and their parents. When the teacher scolded Tappu for his deed in front of everyone he started trembling. Then Tappu’s mother put her hand on his back and asked him to give his point without any fear. After that lines uttered by Tappu were really shocking.
    He said “Teacher Anshu hits me every day in the classroom. I sit before him and he pokes me with pencil and write with a pen on my dress. I am always afraid of complaining to you that you will scold me, as I get less marks than Anshu.”

    All credit goes to Tappu’s mother who encouraged her child to face the fear and fight for the truth. So tell your baby that you are always with them in any situation. Do not hide anything to you either right or wrong.
  4. CCTV camera in school and access to them
    Some Playschools provide all time CCTV camera access to parents. When their kid in school they can check anytime what they are doing. It is really helpful for parents to ensure safety of their kids in school. They can help teachers tackle their naughty baby after seeing their behavior in the classroom with other kids.
  5. School’s background before admission
    You must check about the school’s history before your child steps inside it. Everything is easy nowadays due to wide use of the internet. You can search there about each and everything about the school. You can manage to talk to other guardians. Maybe you will get small things which matter to you a lot. Like when I was in school my dad was very strict about my picnics. So he always goes to drop me school on picnic days and used to ask each and everything about the plan like bus, meals, timings and sights all. He used to give me a list of instructions, how to behave, whom to talk, what to do, what to eat.. blah. I have learned a lot from that. “Thanks dad for all that care”.
  6. Notice behavior
    Last and most important thing for parents. Minutely notice your kid’s behavior at any age. It helps a lot to judge any alarming situation. Talk to them like friends, but be strict towards rules. You can tell any story if you find she is uneasy in telling you something. You can ask any hint or example, if she is not telling you the problem directly. Like when I was in college, my mom used to tell me a fake story that once a boy gave her friend a love letter and she told this to her mom, so that I tell her if the same thing happened with me. 
  7. Address, name and phone number
    Start telling them address, name and phone numbers of at least her mom and dad. Teach them to tell their address to police if they get lost somewhere. Explain them what to do If they don’t identify anyone around them.
  8. Talk to friends
    Talk to your baby about her school, her friends and even contact with their parents too. Plan and manage your kid’s birthday parties at home or any place where you could be present as much as possible. Visit their social networking accounts when you find any change in their behavior. 

Nowadays it’s tougher to save your child and give her a better world to live. You need to save her from the blue whale, depression, sexual abuse, stalking, drugs and many more such things. Be aware and spend your quality time with your kids. Teach them to behave properly with other human beings.


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