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16 Essential things you must try before your 30’s

strengthI found it very illogical when my parents started asking me for getting married after my first job. I don’t think if you have done your studies and you have a good earning job then you must marry soon. You must marry if you are really eager to live a married life.
I always suggest everyone that it’s never too late to learn something new. I also believe the same, but some things are there which need good health and time. We all know that after 30’s we start losing our always fit and fine type health. We have increased responsibilities due to which we get less “ME” type time. So must try below few thing before turning 30.

  1. Learn Cooking
    You must know how to feed at least yourself. Try hands in the kitchen and know how to cook food, so that you don’t die due to hunger in the worst scenarios.
  2. Investments and Saving
    Read some finance related docs and develop your skills for better investments. Understand market research and trends. It’s good to start investing and saving money for future after your first job.
  3. Travelling alone
    Travelling alone let you discover new things and build a different level of confidence in yourself. It makes you more alert and responsible in your life.
  4. Fitness
    Shed extra kilos and learn how to stay fit. Everyone have different choices for eating so the same with exercises. Discover your choice either yoga or dancing, but at least do something for your fitness. 
  5. Live alone or with friends
    Living far from parents makes you more responsible. Life experiences make you stronger for facing them, especially if you live alone.
  6. Learn driving
    I know you are rich enough to afford a driver anytime. Still, I insist you should learn how to drive at least master in driving any one vehicle.
  7. Enjoy a road trip
    needvswant.jpgPlan a road trip with your best buddies and return with some most memorable and life long memories.
  8. Develop a hobby
    In college days most of us loves listening to music. After we don’t get time for that also. For a better brain, develop a hobby, you can try hands on gardening, dancing or any whichever you like.
  9. Learn a language
    Try to learn a new language other from your mother tongue. You can learn it online too. 
  10. Make a friend different from you
    Different personalities allows us to see life from a different perspective. Friends different from us helps us to view life from another vision, which sometimes we missed. 
  11. Work for peace of your mind
    Everyone has a different passion in life. Most of the time our family situations, don’t allow us to fulfill those dreams and live that passion. I suggest when you start earning get some time for your passion and peace of mind.
  12. Face your fear
    fearDo what you are afraid of doing till now. You are grown up enough to deal with your fear alone. Try to face it and win.
  13. Learn how to pay online
    dependen.jpegWe deal with online payments daily. I know you give your card to the shopkeeper for swiping for paying your bills. That is not enough, you must know how to pay online securely.
  14. Learn to say NO and relax
    mH1When I was in my first job I used to work all the time in my office hours. In fact, there was always something in the queue. Actually, I used to do other’s work too, if anyone asked me to do. My boss called me one day and explained me that your job is only to complete your allotted tasks. From next day I started saying a firm “NO” for all those extra work and felt too relieved. 
  15. Attend your favorite artist’s concert
    I have tried this in my college time. You can also try it gives you a different peace and pleasure in life with lovely memories.
  16. Reading
    Develop a habit of reading books. You can choose any from your area of interest.

So prepare your to do list and start completing those tasks asap.

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A software engineer by profession and a blogger by heart. She loves to write about relationships, health and fitness, career, technology etc.

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