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9 Worth-It features of SMS Organizer you can use to Stand out

wp-1507101377057.pngSMSes plays a very important role in business, industry specially for small enterprises. In the era of social networking apps like whatsApp and Facebook, etc SMS is like that subject which will come in the exam but require only passing marks. Due to this many important messages are skipped and treated as spam. Most of the time we open SMSes only for otp(One time password). 
After our best effort we find our self always failed to clean and manage our inbox. Every transaction with a business or a government entity triggers an SMS. Even every small or big businesses sent several promotional messages each month cluttering up an already busy SMS Inbox. Microsoft SMS Organiser makes it easier for a user to manage their SMS. Go through below few unbeatable features of this app to stand out-

  1. Space
    This light weight app requires less than 4MB on the mobile device  and it works seamlessly across all Android devices.
  2. Security
    Since the algorithm used in this application works offline means the application works without an Internet connection. All classification and reminder creation happens on the device itself so all your private messages remain secure in every case
  3. Spam is always spam
    Now spam will not stop you from doing your prioritized task. Even if you use SMS for work, this application can help you boost productivity. This app blocks spam messages from sending notifications and alerts so that you aren’t interrupted by non-essential messages while working.
  4. Clean Inbox 
    You need not clean your inbox in your quality time. This app will clean your inbox by categorizing your all SMSes in important categories and you will always focus on the category you are interested in. Yon can prioritize your inbox accordingly.
  5. Reminders
    After categorizing your inbox it sets reminders for all messages according to the actions mentioned in the messages. Messages about phone bill payments and travel tickets, for example, can be used to set reminders so you never have to forget an important task. You can also create a custom reminder according to your requirement to help you remember important items. 
  6. Important message flagged
    If you are running out of time and skipped some important messages. The SMS Organizer will starred them so that you can come back to them later. book.jpgIt notifies you the total number of SMSes and unread and non promotional SMSes.
  7. Backup and Restore
    Every time you format your phone or switch to a new device you need to backup your messages. With this application you need not to worry about losing all your important SMSes.
    This is the most loved and important feature, especially for small business enterprises. Now enjoy sending FREE text to any mobile number in India with this application.
  9. Performance and Ratings
    Application last Updated on October 3, 2017. 
    Total 50,000 – 100,000 Installations has been done. 
    Latest Version is 1.0.34.
    It Requires Android 4.0.3 and up 

Hope this information will help you decide for installation of this app.
Comment your feedback about this post and share with your friends to boost performance and business.


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