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Step by step guide to use WhatsApp Delete feature

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One of our favorite App has finally provided us an amazing feature and saved us from embarrassing moments. One of my colleague once sent an inappropriate message on our office group wrongly, which he was forwarding to his wife. It was one of the most embarrassing moment for him to face us next day. Now, after latest updates of  WhatsApp hope such incidents will not take place.

Few not to be missed things about this feature is as below:-
->This feature will allow people to callback messages sent on groups or any particular          person.
->This feature is available for Android, iPhone and Windows phone.
->Delete for everyone feature is only for quick users, means this option will be available     only for seven minutes after sending.
->Once you have successfully deleted sent message for everyone. The message will be replaced by “This message was deleted”.
->You need to take the latest update of the app for using this feature.
wp-1509603191267..jpgGo through Step by Step guide for using this Feature-

  1. Version
    Make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone.  
  2. Send any message to any individual for testing the app for your phone. Now, select the sent message. If everything is fine you will see bellow screen.
    Like in the above example, I sent “Hello” and when I selected that message above pop up is visible on my screen.   11 Easy life hack to improve your concentration in studies
    Now you need to hit “DELETE FOR EVERYONE” and now sent message will be replaced by “You deleted this message”.
    wp-1509603191267..jpgFor Recipient it will be visible like
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    Few things which must be noticed while using it.
    -> This option is available only for 7 minutes after sending message.
    ->This will work if the sender and receiver both have the latest version of the App installed.
  4. What is “DELETE FOR ME”?
    Previous delete feature is renamed as “DELETE FOR ME”. This option will delete messages from your phone only and you will not be able to see messages.

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