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9 must have Android apps to be more productive and smart worker

I know you have a smartphone. But I am sure very few of us are utilizing it completely. Yes! Your incoming and outgoing is working fine. You are receiving and sending messages very well and even active on social networking sites. But, today I will share some useful apps which you can download in your phone to be more productive and smart worker. Go through a few apps which will be helpful in your daily life for minimizing your efforts.

  1. SMS Organizer
    SMSes plays a very important role in business, industry especially for small enterprises. In the era of social networking apps like whatsApp and Facebook, etc SMS is like that subject which will come in the exam but require only passing marks. Due to this many important messages are skipped and treated as spam. Most of the time we open SMSes only for otp(One time password). Microsoft SMS Organizer makes it easier for a user to manage their SMS.
  2. HealthifyMe
    We all are very much concern about our and our family member’s health. This app minimizes lots of  our effort required towards our health. Some not to be missed features of this app are as below-
    -> It reminds us for drinking water, breakfasts and even lunch and dinner.
    -> Calculates calories for the food we eat.
    -> Suggest for exercise and calorie intake.
    -> Live expert advice.
  3. Pinterest
    This App is very much helpful in managing our lives. A Few things you can do with this application are as below-
    -> Find any idea you love like recipes, weight loss, beauty hacks and many more.
    -> You can organize ideas topic wise, which is easily searchable.
    -> Share ideas with friends and family for any trip or party.
    -> More that 100 million active users.
  4. ShareIt
    wp-1510594791947-e1510679932842.pngIt is a file transfer tool which works offline. Some features of this app are as below-
    -> It gives amazing speed and wide options for transferring media and files.
    -> Provides 200 times of Bluetooth speed without using internet. Isn’t it amazing?
    -> Works on cross platforms as well.
    -> It can also replicate contacts, SMS and other data from your old device to the new one in few seconds.
  5. TrueCaller
    You are missing something if not using this in your device. Why? Here we go-
    -> More than 250 million active users.
    -> Always helps you with caller details either their number is saved in your phone or not.
    -> Block sales and spam calls.
    -> Dual Sim support….and many more. Just try it once.
  6. Weather
    wp-1510680520587.pngEither you are planning a trip or organizing a party at home, you always need a weather forecast for amazing planning. Don’t miss this app if you are a good host and a party person.

    -> Provide you weather forecast for 10 days.

    -> Shows a graphical notification about temperatures.
    -> Easy to understand.
  7. Twilight
    wp-1510594778213..jpgIn this busy life most of us face a troubled sleep problem. This app is one of the best solution for you.
    -> This app is more pleasant and cool for night reading.
    -> Automatically pics sunset and sunrise time from your location.
    -> Make your tablet screen less harmful for your babies.
    -> Gives you a healthy sleep.
  8. Google Translate
    May be you  need not to install this app on your device because it comes with your device. If not, then you should try installing it from a Google Play store.
    -> Helps you translate into nearly 100 languages.
    -> Provides offline support and internet not required all the time.
    -> Can translate from picture of the text….many more to explore.
  9. Password Manager
    Google Play store is having a list of password manager apps. Such apps basically provide –
    -> Full encryption for all filled data and passwords.
    -> Even a stolen mobile will not reveal any information about passwords.
    -> Easy to use and very simple application for our day to day life.

Counting is not stopped yet. I believe in utilizing technology. You can search google play stores for recent and effective applications according to your interest. Explore the world and use your device 100% for enhancing your life. Learn new things and enjoy life.
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