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13 Signs that shows you share a mature relationship with your partner

relationship456Yes! I am married and aged enough to write about this. Though I am not a relationship expert, but I know what is the meaning of sharing a bond with your partner. Hope this will encourage you to scroll down and read the below content :).
Sometimes we spend lots of years with a person still find it difficult to develop a better understanding between us. Like one of my uncle and aunt both are good in their own profession, but I doubt they are enough mature in their husband, wife relationship after 26 years of marriage. So you want to know about your chemistry with your partner. Some signs that show you are good in your role of husband or wife are as below-

  1. Never checking mobile Phones
    It’s a good practice to talk to each other about your friends and colleagues face to face rather than checking each other’s mobiles or mails.
  2. Jealousy! No space for it
    Because your relationship is strong enough and bonded by trust so there is no space for jealousy.
  3. No cameras in private moments
    Never click photos or shoot videos of private moments. It can harm your life if anyhow becomes public.
  4. Do not mock
    Never mock your partner on any odd physical features like height, complexion or weight.
  5. Past is past
    Don’t inquire about your partner’s past relationship or virginity etc.
  6. Don’t force desires
    Let your partner stay away from your fantasies and desire if they are not interested in the same.
  7. Career decision 
    “You have to choose the teaching profession because it’s safe for ladies.” Such lines show you are forcing your partner for selecting their professions. You should act like a mentor rather than interfering in their selection.
  8. Help them in moving forward
    I know it’s tough, but help your partner to overcome from a bitter experience with past relationships.
  9. Say No to conditions
    “If you will cook good food for me, I will plan a movie date with you” or “If you will buy a diamond set for me I will behave better with your mother”. Stop it guys! Stop behaving like kids and don’t bribe for each and every good cause.
  10. Sort out your misunderstanding on your own
    hugDon’t seek any third person for resolving all disputes.
  11. Respect
    May be you don’t like his festivals. But I suggest never disrespect any cultural belief of your partner.
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  12. Comparison
    Don’t compare your partner with any good looking personality. It’s good to smile in crowd and fight in a room.
  13. Ignorance kills

    Rita always ignores her husband when she reaches at her mother’s place. I don’t know why she does so, but such situations are really awkward for her parent and her husband both.
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Hope your count is 13 out of 13. Life becomes easier when you respect each other. Stay happy and have a wonderful relationship with your partner.



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