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8 Superb techniques to SECURE your social networking account from hackers

sec1It’s a tedious task to secure your account after more and more use of Android devices for accessing your social networking account. Please ensure the security of your data and personal information by using below few simple techniques.

  1. Password
    Nowadays every application and website set their own norms regarding passwords you set for signing in. Still, you need to take care of below few things-
    * It must be a combination of letters and numbers which must not contain your mobile number and date of birth. Your mobile number and date of birth is really the most easily accessible thing for hackers.
    * You must set different passwords for each account and applications. So that if one got hacked by any means others must stay secure.
    * Never ever share your password with anyone.
    * Select different pattern every time you set your password. For example, if you set your Facebook password like “123abc” then never set your bank account password like “456efg”. These patterns are really easy to guess and hack. Always select a strong password with different pattern every time.
  2. Login
    Always login with the same system if possible, and logout properly every time. Try not to login in your bank account and social networking accounts from a public device like cafe, etc. If you still do that take care of below few things-
    * Logout properly and delete cookies from browsing history.
    * Never save password and user Id in the browser.
    * Don’t click on any spam or random images while using your account.
  3. Privacy
    wp-1513344047340.jpgAlways double check your privacy settings. Every social networking site provides certain features which you can set for your account. You can set your profile for what content will be visible to people.
  4. Authentication
    Always ensure two step authentication for your social networking account. Whenever you try to login to your account, you just need to enter your password then a code sent to your email or mobile number.
  5. Strong Antivirus
    Always use a strong antivirus protection for the device you are using. Sometimes they are free or comes in a very low cost. I think no one would compromise with the theft of their data for the cost of antivirus.
  6. Alternate Email
    Always use an alternate email Id for social networking activities. You can also set an alternate email Id for password recovery if you forgot or lost your password.
  7. Recovery Option

    You can set an alternate email Id or your phone number for the password recovery option if you lost or forgot your password.
  8. Avoid third party applications
    Always read the details whenever you install any application. They need certain permissions in your device. Read them carefully, then install the application. Check these authentications while updating all these applications. Sometimes they request for additional permissions, which were not required at the time of first installation of the same application. 

These are few things you can do to secure your account. Please share the blog with your friends and family. Comment if you have anything new in this context.



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