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Loneliness is not killing:12 Benefits of living alone every person should know

Believe me it is not always a selfish decision if you want to live alone. Many people asked me the same question many times “How to deal with loneliness.” Though I am a party person but I always try to live alone for few hours in a day. According to me “Loneliness is not killing always”. There are lots of benefits of living alone. We just to need to discover ourselves if we are alone rather than thinking of others all the time.mH1

Let’s go through few benefits first-

  1. Peace
    Most important things for a healthy life. Many of us deal with different kind of stress, especially if you live in a metro city. So if you are living alone you get a chance to feel peace around you. Meditate for a few minutes and just relax if you are not surrounded by many people.
  2. Effective time managementworkfrom2If you are alone, then you have to manage each and everything in your house. In such case you will manage time in a better way. Less dependency on others for your courses make you more responsible.
  3. HobbiesguitarYou get more space for trying your hobbies without waiting for your roommates opinion. Sometimes we neglect our passion just because what others will say. But living alone gives you more space for trying new things.
  4. Experience to tackle problemschallengeYou face more issues alone. This makes you stronger and confident to live life and face challenges.
  5. Limited needsspaceYou can minimize or maximize your needs according to your pocket. Manage household stuffs according to your requirements only.
  6. Less Emotional IssuesargumentsIf you live alone, you will tackle less contradictions in the house, happens due to different interests and personalities. So you face minimum fights and breakups in relationships.
  7. No Cooking issuesdinnerOne of the main reasons for issue occur in families is cooking. If you are living alone you just decide a short, simple and healthy menu for yourself and cook according to your eating time.
  8. No more annoying rules
    Make your rules live them and break them whenever you want a change in life. You get more freedom if you are living alone.
  9. Discover your true selfdrinkingwaterIf you are alone actually at that time you are with yourself. You can utilize this time to discover yourself, which is very important for a successful life.
  10. Schedule your day and night
    No need to get up early for opening the door for your roommate. You can schedule your mornings according to your shift timings.
  11. Less distractionslone2.jpegStudy, dance, sing or sleep do with less or no distraction caused by any person. I mentioned “person” because your phone or mails can distract you anywhere.
  12. Only manager of your finances
    I think you can manage your funds and increase your savings if you are living alone. I have not experienced this, but my husband says “He used to save more when he was alone 🙂 “. You can also try to save more.

Hope these few points will help you to decide your life. I am not in favor of living alone. Just spent a few moments in peace and meditate if you can.
Happy reading!
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