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Less Expectations Less Stress: 5 powerful ways to deal with people without getting hurt

” Don’t expect from others and stay happy!” These lines are easy enough to say but experiencing them is really tough. Whenever I stuck in such situation my mom used to say these lines to me. At that time I managed to deal with the sorrow because mom was always with me. But when I left home and found myself in the same situation first thing I did was calling her.
I told her I tried my level best not to expect anything from others. Both failed by the end of the day. So what should I try now. Either they are my family members or my colleague, I am helping everyone in some way so do I stop expecting from them. At least they can behave properly if not doing anything for me.
Here are a few things she told me-

  1. Help
    Best way to teach your mind expecting others is ” offer a help to someone who  is actually in need it”. At least needy person never forgets your efforts and will always be thankful to you.
  2. Respect
    Don’t expect too much respect from others that you cannot give to yourself. Feel the power in your own spirit and soul. Realize the strength in yourself. This will encourage you to believe in yourself.
  3. Say what you think
    Never expect others to read your mind in any case. Talk to them and explain what you are thinking. This is the best way to keep your mind healthy, communicate to others effectively and regularly.
  4. Be More Realistic
    Every one is not perfect in this world. Realize the fact that they might hurt you, but it should not be intentionally. Notice all aspects of anyone’s personality not only negative one.
  5. Plan
    Don’t expect others to always do according to your plan. Listen to them properly and manage things after a mutual discussion. 

Hope this will help you to teach your mind to be more calm and peaceful.
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