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Top 6 secrets to increase your salary this year

January is the most important month to review your past performances and rate yourself. No one else can examine your brain better than you. So, it is the best time to think about your efforts and their results.
I am not going to sell any brain boosting medicines in this post.
Give few minutes to answer below few questions for the sake of your salary, if you really want to increase that.
->Do you have time for hanging out with friends and family?
->Do you have enough money to spend on a dinner/movie date?
->Do you understand the new development done in your field?
If answer of all the above questions is “YES” then, it proves that God has blessed you with all resources and money required for success. What is required then?
Read below few lines for the answer of this question.

  1. Stay Updated
    It takes microseconds to say these lines, but hard to manage. “Daily office, then everyone needs some rest in weekends” are you agree with these lines? If yes, then you have stopped your brain from learning new things. Just read the stories of few successful people in your field. Most of them brush up their skills every day. Just spend few minutes daily to read articles or new technology related to your work. Remember, it must be relevant to your work.
  2. Be Noticed
    Remember your all efforts are useless if they cannot be noticed by your management. Present your task on time and perform best in worst situations.
  3. Accept Challenges
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    Management never forget those employees who set benchmarks or solve horrible problems in the company. So be ready to accept challenges in your role.
  4. Learn to Sell your skills
    Yes! everyone is getting paid for their skills. What you need to do is, make yourself a product and sell this product at the highest cost you think for yourself. Analyze your skills, experience, education and use your communication skills to negotiate with management.
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  5. Communication Skills
    Most important and most neglected thing by every employee after getting their first job. Most of us practice introductions and read different grammar books before our first interview. But never manage time in our job tenure to improve our verbal skills. A good employee can enhance their personality just by few good words and can stand out in a team.
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  6. Behavior
    Never try to fool your management, they keep an eye on you throughout your working hours. Always behave properly with your staff. Respect everyone’s work either they are ground duty staff or your CEO. It shows your positive attitude and personality.
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Share your ideas with your team and love your work. Give your 100% to your work and stay positive. Be honest to yourself, this will improve your performance.
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