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11 Easy life hack to improve your concentration in studies

Exam time is here and everyone wants to get success with good marks. We are sharing a few tips today, which will help you to spend some more time on your study table. All these hacks will help you to increase your concentration.

  1. Physical Activity
    I know you are running out of time, but you can walk 15-30 minutes while revising your notes. This can be done inside your room or on the terrace. But, keep your body active enough to be healthy.
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  2. Start with your desk
    Manage and organize your desk properly. Clean it and don’t make a pile of all the books you have on your desk. A clean desk gives more space for your thoughts.
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  3. Plan your day
    Every night before you sleep make a divide your next day for studies and the rest. For studies subject and chapter wise plan, according to syllabus best suited me, you can also try as well.
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  4. Time table/Schedule
    When a doctor gives you medicines, they give you a schedule for taking that. The concern is it will affect if taken on right time, same with your studies. Plan your syllabus in such a way that it gets revised on right time.
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  5. Writing most important
    You minimize the chances of forgetting something when you pen it down. So, make a habit of writing short notes from the chapters you read. To make your notes interesting you can add bullet points, images, small graphs in it.
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  6. Break
    Take a small break of 5-10 minutes after every 1 or 2 hours of studies or whenever you start lacking your concentration in books.
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  7. Far from distractions
    Make sure you have switched off your cell phone, laptops and all distracting devices. If you really want to study stay away from them until unless you don’t need them for studies.
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  8. Rest
    Rest! In exams, Yes! It’s very essential to take proper rest for best performance of your body and brain. You can divide a 7 hour sleep in 2 or three power naps.
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  9. Away from negativity
    Stay away from negative people and books. Don’t think about a big target. Divide whole syllabus in small parts and set target for each day. Praise yourself after the completion of every small chapter. This will lead you to positive attitude.
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  10. Junk Food
    Try to stay away from junk food while studying as all such things causes several problems to our healthy lifestyle. Take care of your health and make your brain strong.
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  11. Timing matters, too
    Everyone knows which time suits them well for studies. Like if I am not tired I prefer to study in night till morning. But my dad says it’s fast to memorize anything in the early morning.
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Hope all these hacks will help you to increase concentration in your studies. Share post with your friends and family. Stay away from negativity and be happy.
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