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6 Realistic ways of earning money online using a low cost data

Free data is one of the best surprises anybody can get nowadays, especially in countries like India. Reliance Jio has tremendously increased the internet usage in India. Not only in urban areas, but also in villages people are more aware now by terms like social media and google search.
After this revolution, it’s more convenient to earn few bucks online. As data costs are very low so you can make a good amount of money by working part time or full time work from home.
Few best ideas are discussed here-

  1. YouTube
    online1.jpgIt is something where there is no limitation. You can sing, dance, act or teach something. Just upload your video and let people know about your video by social media.
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  2. Affiliate marketing
    For this you need a space like a website or a page. You can select any site like  amazon, Flipkart etc. Just register there and start adding their affiliate link to your website or page. It is an easy and effective way, but your site should have enough traffic for generating good bucks.
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  3. Online teaching
    Many websites provide you a platform to teach kids and adults online. Register yourself and create your course. It should be realistic and understandable.
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  4. Freelancing
    online3.jpgYou can sell your skills online. Whatever you are good in, just treat your skills like product and sell it in the best value available in the market.
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  5. Writing jobs
    Best one which I also prefer. If you are good at summarizing your thoughts you can  try this. You can start a blog or sell your articles on other websites.
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  6. PTC Sites
    Although this method doesn’t provide a huge amount of money, but it provides you a good start. You just need to view adds for 10 to 30 seconds and you get paid.
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These were few ideas, but you can explore the web for more options available and start doing something by your own. I always suggest everyone to learn and do something. Now it is easy to learn anything, so what are you waiting for. Learn something and start earning money online.
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