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8 Excellent travel hacks to save money on food items lifetime

travel1This blog is for all those travel freaks who find themselves always ready with their backpacks. I am very fond of travelling and discovering new places. It’s a family trip or I need to travel alone, I always take care of packing each and every thing I may need while travelling. I used to create a separate list of all my belongings.
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So here is a list of all those food items which I carry with me. In fact, I take these eatables in my office as a stress killer.

  • You can eat all these if you need quick energy and feeling so hungry.
  • These are healthy options good for kids too, and save you from eating junk.
  • Don’t take so much space so you can keep them in a small airtight jars in your carry bags. 7 things to remember while shopping with kids
  • Buying eatables at tourist places is a bit costly. So, I prefer to carry a few things which could save me from dying due to hunger.

All these things help me to stay healthy while travelling and save some bucks too.

  1. Roasted Peanuts
    It could be salted if you can manage with dehydration happened due to salt. But this is something which helps you for a small meal anytime.
  2. Makhana /Fox Nuts


    image source:google

    This is very popular in India. This reduces hunger for a long duration. So try it now.

  3. Almonds
    It is one of the best healthy options available for every age group.
  4. Sprouts and fruits
    travel9.jpegSprouts and fruits help to maintain energy in body while travelling.
  5. Eat before you leave home
    Always have a heavy  breakfast before you leave home.Tremendously wrong things we do on WhatsApp daily
  6. Avoid buying bottled water
    To save some bucks I always carry my own bottle of water with me.9 Easy Ways to reduce use of plastic in our daily life
  7. Basic medicines
    Always carry glucose powder, ORS, Eno and everything else you prefer if in case you are ill. Fever, acidity and cold are some basic things which affect due to weather changes.8 Most Annoying things only Indians Do
  8. Packed snacks
    Visit your nearest shop and buy some stuff for your travel. Always carry some packed ready to eat stuff with you, especially if you are travelling with kids or old family members. 10 Super habits to stay fit without exercising regularly

Please share your valuable comments.
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