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21 Simple lifestyle changes that results a big difference in my life

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Getting up early and taking proper diet helps you to stay fit. But sometimes it is required to boost your body and brain both at the same time to improve your performance.

We all know that we are not perfect. We want some changes in our life, but don’t know where to start from.
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Today we are here with 21 simple lifestyle changes that can make a huge difference in your life too.

  1. I started getting up early in the morning.
  2. I stopped pleasing people for the sake of saving relationships.
  3. I started drinking more water during the whole day.
  4. I stopped checking my phone every now and then.
  5. I stopped being judgmental with everyone.
  6. I added some exercise and walk in my daily routine.
  7. I preferred reading books over watching social networking sites.
  8. I stopped thinking about my past and future and started working in my present.
  9. I started writing my views and thoughts.
  10. I started learning new hobbies.
  11. I started ignoring bad behavior of others towards me.
  12. I started avoiding the company of negative people.
  13. I started loving “MYSELF”.


  14. I stopped expecting from people around me.
  15. Now “The Hindu” as my first choice for newspaper.
  16. I started spending a few minutes in my garden.
  17. I started avoiding junk food.
  18. I started listening people more than I speak.
  19. I stopped telling every small mistake of people around me.
  20. I developed a “Do it now habit” and stopped being procrastinate.
  21. I managed to get some “ME” time for me daily.

 Hope these lines will help you what you need to change in your lifestyle.
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