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6 Inspiring ways to stand out from the crowd

outofcrowd1Anita is working in an IT firm from last one year. It’s her 9th company in her overall 7 years of experience and still she is unsatisfied. We can spot many people like Anita in our friends. She is having every skill required for the job getting good remuneration. Then what is the reason of non satisfaction with her career.
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Actually, sometimes we expect a lot from our employer rather than measuring ourselves to the market level. We need to develop our skills if we are not satisfied with our job.
It is easy to get selected in a firm nowadays, but tough to maintain the position. So guys think and work on your soft skills which actually helps you to stand out from the crowd.

  1. Confidence
    Most important thing. So it is the first point in my list. Anyone only need a few seconds to know about our confidence level. I think our confidence level is very much dependent on our knowledge. Brain helps your tong to speak only those words which are in its dictionary. So enhance your skills and see the difference.
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  2. Patience
    This is very much required in the decision making process. We deal with many such situations where our decision impact on overall turnover of the firm. These decisions somehow represent our persona to the firm. I suggest everyone have patience, especially if you are in trouble.
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  3. Communication
    If you are in a meeting, then, speaking few valuable words is more important rather than speaking more. Your audience is educated or not it does not matter, you should be able to convey your thoughts properly to them. Everyone loves easy to understand manual. So, try to be easily understandable person, it proves you want to mix up with other people.
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  4. Attire
    Have you ever seen a physics teacher wearing weird clothes, wide bracelets on his wrist with a wanky hairstyle  or something like that? I have never seen. I think most of us are so judgmental. We always relate their profession with their appearance. It is relevant in many ways like a doctor is not supposed to be dressed like a model. So these were only examples, it’s up to you what you do in your personal life, but be sure that you dressed properly at your workstation.
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  5. Manners/Etiquettes
    outofcrowd4I don’t think I need to elaborate this. We all have learned in our schooling to behave properly. I leave this to your intelligence level, how you behave in your team.
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  6. Team Work
    We all have heard that story “A single stick could be broken easily, but if we make a pile of it, it’s tough to break it”.
    You have skills, you can communicate well, but, you can not do everything alone. So always welcome your teammates. You all are doing your job but, it will be more fun if you work in a team.
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    Hope these lines were helpful for you. Everyone can correalate with above few lines.
    Share this post with your friends if they are looking for a job or a job change or applying for their appraisals. 




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