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9 fantastic things I have learned after having a cute baby

mom5I was thinking Getting a job is such a wonderful thing after completing our education. Getting married is another life changing event. But trust me friends real volcano comes after baby birth. I remember each and every second, when the nurse came and gave my little baby in my lap. After that I developed a new perception of looking things in life.

  1. Now I know the actual meaning of “Priority”
    mom7.jpegBefore a baby my priority was work. When I used to be at home completing household works was my priority, and when in the office completing office work used to be on my priority list. Such a workaholic person now knows, that a baby call is always top priority.
  2. A baby sleep is the most important thing in this world
    Sssshhh! You can correlate this first word if you are a mother or if you have babies in your home. A baby sleep is like the most important thing for a mother throughout a day. A restless baby can’t play or eat anything.
  3. Time does not matter now
    mom6I am very rigid and punctual towards my work. But, after a baby it was really tough to do all the things alone all the time. It was my near and dear ones who helped me a lot to do my tasks on time. At last I realized how an innocent smile can make my day.Plan a baby if you are ready for these major changes in your lifestyle
  4. Always ready for a plan change
    In fact, we make a plan considering our baby in mind always. Before a baby a plan change means one of the most horrible things. But, now I can mold myself with a changed plan. 
  5. Ready for a surprises, always
    My baby is the first person who gave me maximum surprises till now. The works which I cannot imagine are presented to me like a surprise by my baby. Now I find myself always ready for a new surprise.
  6. Work and think like a superhuman
    I feel like a superhuman sometimes. I can make tea holding my baby in one hand, even I can pour tea in a cup too. Not only tea I have a list of works I can do with a single hand, holding my little one in another hand. I continuously do my work with watching him at the same time. His hands are more active than me, so I have helped him also for learning new things.
  7. Always some work pending in the list
    I have always some work pending in my to do list. If my list is empty somehow, my baby will develop some new stuff, which could be later added in my to do list .
  8. Organized house is always a dream
    mom11.jpegA perfectionist like me has learned how to stay calm in an unorganized room. My baby always put cushions on the table and put dining mats on the sofa. If we are unable to find something the first place where we search that is my baby’s toy box. He can add anything in the list of his toys.
  9. I am stronger than I thought
    mom2I feel myself stronger than I think earlier I was. For example, I was very afraid of animals from my childhood, but after my baby, I feel myself stronger against that fear.

Hope you all can correlate to these changes. Please share your motherhood stories with us.
Never leave a chance to spend some time with your baby because you won’t realize when the baby that you just got from the hospital has grown up.


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