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9 easy ways to keep your home cool🏖 without AC in Summer 🌄

giphy.gifThe long hot days of summers in India are really not unforgiving at all. It’s really tough to survive the hot and humid months without air conditioners. Air conditioners are neither environmentally friendly, nor budget friendly. It is not a very healthy optiontoo, especially if you have babies at home, because of the dry and recycled air pushed in by air conditioners. You can do following few changes to make your house cool.

  1. Light Management
    sunlightYou can manage the amount of sunlight come inside the house for better cooling –

    a) Close south and west-facing curtains during the day that gets direct sunlight. Keep windows closed as much as possible.

    b) Hang woven screens or bamboo shades outside the window to stop the sun’s heat. You can purchase blackout shades or window tint film for your windows.

    c) Put up an umbrella outside your windows to block…

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