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Society needs gentleman: 15 Strongly recommended things to be a gentleman

expec3None of the institution in this world can change a person’s character. In fact, I have seen many people with bundles of educational certificates and degrees with lack of etiquette. I am really thankful to my parents who showed me the correct example always. It is very essential to know how to be a gentleman. It makes you feel so happy if somebody respects you. Develop your behavior to be treated like a respectful person. Go through our list, hope you will match with most of them.

  1. Appreciation and complement
    A nice appreciation always works like wonder in anyone’s performance. It is also required to say a polite thank you in reply of an appreciation and complement.
  2. Let needy to sit first
    You can offer your seat to a needy person like elders, kids and ladies. If you have enough strength to walk, run and use public transport, then you can do it very easily.
  3. No Stalking please
    Do I need to say more about it? No means No! No stalking please, let ladies live their life in their own way. They are sensible and intelligent enough to choose their life partners.
  4. Properly dressed and basic hygiene
    A properly dressed guy always looks stunning without having a six pack abs and fair skin complexion.
  5. Walk
    Your walk must be attractive,slow and fully controlled. Walking zig-zag or with losing shoulder portray you lazy and irresponsible among viewers.
  6. Posture
    Always focus on your posture while sitting anywhere, your back must be  straight and chin up while talking to someone.
  7. Be confident and don’t be in a rush always
    gentle3.jpegPrior completion of small tasks and making a priority list always helps you to stay calm and let your brain work efficiently. Time management: Not a BIG deal 10 ways to be a Smart worker
  8. Say please and thank  you
    We all have the power to do that, I mean everyone can work on their manners. It does not cost any money to be nicer to one another. Try it, it is really easy to say please and thank you.
  9. Never push the door too hard
    It is very basic and self understood thing.
  10. Show off
    It’s not necessary to show your weaknesses everywhere. Consuming alcohol is okay , but, showing the devil inside you after drinking is not actually required . Stop the devil inside you to perform any crime and save humanity being ashamed.
  11. Know what and when to speak
    You speak shit if you keep on speaking all the time without any proper reason. Don’t talk too much if it’s not your job. Speak less and effective sentences.
  12. Handle win and loses both
    Be a man and accept your strength and weakness equally. Transform your weakness into your strength and never proud of your abilities, let others to do this job for you.
  13. Be on time
    I have learned this from my dad, prior completion of every small preparation helps you to be on time always. I have felt reaching office early makes you more confident.
  14. Never hit a woman
    If you want some respect from a woman, never hit her in any situation. If you do that, she will always hide things from you and your relationship will get worse.
  15. Be attentive
    Be a good listener and focus on the speaker with a polite eye contact.

This is just a small list. Prepare yourself to be a better human being. Every girl want a gentleman in her life like a father, brother or husband.
Please share what you think about it.
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